#1 1If you purchase certain items on a regular basis then consider buying them in bulk instead.



#2 Swap out any air fresheners you may have for candles.2



3#3 Install ceiling fans to offer improved air circulation in the room.



#4 Consider repainting rooms using low volatile compound paint, which does not release harmful toxins.4



5#5 Install dimmers on light fittings to save energy and extend their life.



#6 Plant deciduous trees and other plants to help cool your home.6



7#7 Cool your home naturally by opening windows on warm summer nights.



#8 Invest in a home audit – this will tell you exactly how much energy you’re using and from what means.8



9#9 Fit carpets instead of other surface types to help keep heat in the room.



#10 Install draft excluders to stop heat from escaping or entering the room.10



11#11 Use as much natural light as you can – rather than switching on lights.



#12 If you’re cold in bed use a hot water bottle; rather than having the heating switched on.12



13#13 Install double-glazed windows to help keep heat in more efficiently.



#14 Insulate the walls and attic of your home with eco-friendly materials such as sheeps’ wool and old newspaper.14



15#15 Repurpose and upcycle glass jars and other leftover containers.



#16 Unsubscribe from any subscriptions you may have sending you junk mail.16



17#17 Turn off the lights when leaving a room.



#18 Use a reusable bag when shopping.18



19#19 Install a programmable thermostat – saving you up to £100 a year.



#20 Make use of window shades and blinds.20



22#21 Ensure that your curtains aren’t covering your radiators which could prevent heat spreading across the room.



#22 Use appropriate recycling bins.23



24#23 Purchase items that are grown or made locally.



#24 Use spray foam insulation to help fill tiny gaps not filled by traditional insulating materials.25



26#25 Shop locally – reducing the transportation time taken to purchase goods.



27#26 Switch all of your in-house lighting to energy-saving LED light bulbs.



28#27 Turn off all electrical appliances at the socket when not being used; rather than leaving them on stand-by.



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