Four creative ways to redesign your kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and should reflect both the personality and the style of those in the home. The kitchen is where we gather for meals, children do their homework and we sit and chat. It is important for the kitchen to remain clean and be a nice place to spend

4 ideas to reuse that old ladder.

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Refurbish your old items into new ones We have already discussed how we can take advantage of the useless or old items that we find on our house, and today, we want to show you some ideas you can adopt to make that old ladder the coolest thing on your house. This is not a

How to organise the paintings in your living room

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This is not an easy task, but we will try to make it easier with our tips for organising all kinds of paintings in your living room. So you have bought or painted these canvases and now you have some doubts about where and how to place them. Help is always welcome so let’s place

DIY Christmas decoration

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We are relentlessly approaching Christmas, and you may like it or not, but everybody wants to have the most (and best) decorated house in the UK. And have it ready for the arrival of Santa Claus down our chimney. So the real problem these days is to have original and unique decorative items in our

Fireplace, decorate it easily

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If you are lucky to have a fireplace in your house, you know that is not always easy to make it the great feature it should be. You can take advantage of it easily and really cheaply in most the cases. Today we will show you some decoration tips to enhance this special part of

Colour for walls, so many options

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Smells like fresh paint, the colour looks great, and the most important thing is that when you come home, you feel like you have arrived at a brand new house. Yes! Just painting your house can make a big difference, and summer is the perfect time to do that. Paint Pot And don’t

Home therapy!

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Home therapy is for you! Does your home need some therapy? Here are some tips to bring your home back to life! A wall full of memories and pictures will brighten up any space. Wall of pictures - Print or bring back to life your old pictures Quotes on the wall are great

10 Things Your Home Should do in 2014

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Losing weight, giving up smoking, finding a new job; sick of the same old resolutions every time January comes round? Well, why not think of your home for once when planning ahead for the New Year? You spend most of life there, so now is the time to look around you and decide on those