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Established in 1931, Finsa is now one of the largest MDF and chipboard manufacturers in Europe, and one of the very few furniture manufacturers who process the whole cycle from managing our own sustainably grown forests to delivering your new FINSA Home Kitchen and Laminate Flooring direct to your door.

More than 25 years in the UK supplying Building Merchants and Furniture Manufacturers from our 12,000 sqm distribution hub in Birkenhead docks.
A busy terminal that receives 3 vessels every month to dispatch more than 15 lorries every day.

Traditionally innovative
FINSA was a pioneer in the manufacture of particleboard and MDF on the Iberian Peninsula. It began its industrial activity in 1931, at asawmill in Portanxil (Ames). A few years later, in 1937, Manuel García Cambón gave legal form to the project, which, in 1946, would be named FINANCIAL MADERERA S.A.
Ever since our inception, we have always been aware of the responsibility we take on by using wood as the base element to manufacture and develop our solutions. We learn from it and we incorporate many of its virtues into our organisation: its versatility and strength as well as its emotional closeness to people, and the comfort and warmth it brings to society. Our wide product range follows the same philosophy, and is currently present in the daily lives of human beings, forming part of the most cherished environments.
We have never lost sight of our origins and, as we grew, we have always kept in mind the sustainability of our business and our raw material. This attitude has earned FINSA the respect of major market players and of the communities where it develops its work.
We invite you to connect with FINSA, to get to know the products we offer and the sense of responsibility that is present throughout the entire process.

These are one of the fundamental pillars of the company. They establish our character and identity. In Finsa, we are firmly convinced that our business culture must guide all our day-to-day actions.
Likewise, we would like to convey our commitment and loyalty to the principles or values that have indelibly defined our company from its inception.
We consider it important to clearly state these values since they will enable you to know Finsa’s basic and most important asset: its human capital.

We aim to achieve a corporate culture based on shared values. These values will stem from two fundamental principles:
Mutual respect

This is the principle which will produce the best response possible from eachother. We aim at inter-personal relationships led by:

  • Modesty. We should behave with serenity, without pretensions and appreciating the value of small details.
  • Honesty. We should behave in a sincere and frank manner, seeking a bond of common trust.
  • Generosity. Not only should we listen to others, but we should also strive to include them in our goals, thus actively involving ourselves in helping others to achieve, in turn, their own goals.

Efficient Effort

This is vital in order to guarantee the sustainable generation of resources, which will, in turn, assure us the freedom and capacity to create the kind of company we want to work in. We need to face up to tasks with:
  • Transparency as regards our acts and failures, our judging criteria, and the risks and consequences of our decisions.
  • Enthusiasm, perseverance in our tasks and motivation to improve. Besides an overall positive attitude which enables us to perceive our mistakes as opportunities from which we learn.
  • Teamwork, actively contributing, taking into account all opinions and seeking the common interest.
We aim to be more than mere “dwellers” in our workplace.
And we all strive in our tasks to pass on to others something better than what we found.

In Finsa, we understand innovation as a global challenge which affects all the dimensions of the product. Its technical and physical properties are, without doubt, fundamental, but there is another key issue that makes us different: design. Indeed, our natural wood veneers and our melamine faced boards offer a wide and balanced range which may suit any type of project, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde one. In this sense, our philosophy as regards design has two essential axis: closeness to the market and pursuit of global tendencies that affect the furniture and the interior design sectors. We have at our disposal a specialised department in the development of designs: our trend-hunters. This team of professionals is in charge of directly contacting customers, suppliers, architects, designers, and of noticing current trends to reflect them in decorative solutions.

The ability to innovate is one of the key competitive and significant features of a more and more demanding market. From its inception, Finsa has always faced changes with an open and innovative spirit. Thank to this, one of our identity symbols today is, without doubt, our adaptability and our will to offer solutions that fulfill our customers’ expectations. From this premise, the company pledges future commitment to innovate as a way to generate value. Thus, our global innovation policy has a double facet:
  • Improvement of the production processes: in order to optimise the resources and to offer standardised productive processes which can guarantee the best results.
  • Improvement of our products: in order to answer the needs of our customers and to offer more added value.

Through our Environmental Policy, we are actively committed to the protection of the environment. We want our manufacturing processes to havethe least environmental impact possible. In this sense, we are one of the cleanest companies: we generate more energy than what we waste for the processing of our products. All our manufacturing processes are optimised so that we achieve maximum energy saving by cogeneration (exploitation of the heat and energy produced by the own factory) and minimum waste production.
Besides, the waste materials generated by our activity as well as recycled materials from other industries are used to create energy through our biomass factories.

FINSA’S General Management develops and defines the Environmental Policy of the company, understood as a set of guidelines and general objectives that guide the Company’s actions as regards the protection of the Environment, through the following commitments:

  • Comply with environmental legislation and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.
  • Ensure continuous improvement by setting goals and targets, and through a systematic and periodical environmental evaluation of the Management System.
  • Constantly promote activities aimed at preventing pollution, and set targets to progressively reduce the emission and dumping of materials into the environment, particularly through the application of the best techniques available, whenever these techniques are economically and technically viable.
  • Adopt the necessary measures required to prevent environmental risks, especially serious accidents, and limit their effects on the environment.
  • Avoid     marketing of timber and timber products       harvested in contravention of the applicable legislation (according Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council).
  • Promote the use of timber from well-managed forest exploitations, comply with PEFC / FSC® requirements, both as regards the management of the Company’s own forests and in the chain of custody for certified timber used in the Group’s factories, and promote collaboration with suppliers to guarantee the chain of custody in relation to timber taken from this kind of forest exploitations.
  • Encourage staff knowledge and training at all levels, promoting a higher degree of sensitivity, responsibility and awareness about the need to protect and preserve the environment, through internal and external training.
  • Maintain a channel for both internal and external environmental communication, based on transparency criteria, establishing a relationship of cooperation with the authorities and open dialogue with stakeholders and the general public.
  • Finsa commits itself to fulfill the Appendix 9: Social, security and work healthy requisites in the chain of custody of the new NORMA INTERNACIONAL PEFC_ST_2002-2013_Norma CdC.
  • The Management of FINSA ensures that the Company’s environmental policy is understood, implemented, kept up-to-date, communicated to all its employees and also made available for the general public.

The Management of FINSA approves and reviews this policy, which is used as the basis for the development of environmental goals and targets, with a view to ensuring continuous adaptation to changing circumstances, and which provides the means and resources required to implement it.

The EPDs certify that our products cause no harmful environmental impact. The wood from our solutions preserves its positive properties throughout the whole life cycle.

¿What are they?

A public report expressing the life cycle analysis (LCA) results for a product, validated by an external entity.

General goals

  • Provide relevant, verifiable and comparable information on environmental performance
  • Foster demand for products that cause the least environmental impact
  • Stimulate continuous environmental improvement of products


    • Product information
      Life cycle analysis: LCA

      Additional data and certificates

Reference standards

  • ISO 14025 – Environmental Declarations Type III.Principles and procedures: relevant for establishing the system, PCR and verification
  • ISO 14040 – Life cycle analysis (LCA)
  • ISO 21930 – Environmental product declarations for construction
  • CEN TC 350 (Pren 15804) Sustainability of construction works. This shall be relevant for European procedures and indicators

The Prevention of Risks at Work is an absolute priority for the company, For this reason, we have promoted, with the participation of all the company’s levels, the integration of Prevention in the daily work. Having zero accidents is a permanent objective of the company. We have so reflected in our Prevention mascot, Zero, which reminds us daily of the need of fulfilling it.

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) certification demonstrates that a company has demonstrated its adherence to the required safety standards, giving buyers peace of mind that they are working with an organisation that looks after the welfare of its workforce.
Finsahome SSIP Certificate.

The quality policy of FINSA is based on providing our customers with the products and services they demand with the required quality and in compliance with the regulations in force in each case.
This policy will be achieved through:

    • Paying attention to the needs of our customers.
    • Planning specific actions about our processes in response to the new demands of our customers.
    • Preparing the framework to establish and revise our objectives.
    • Analysing the results obtained from the changes made in the processes.
    • Implementing new actions arising from the findings achieved through such an analysis.
    • Training our staff in accordance with the actions derived from the improvement of processes, so that they assume the responsibility for carrying out their work with the required Quality.
    • Demanding our suppliers have a Quality System that ensures the suitability of the goods and services supplied, and, in the particular case of timber, a Sustainable Forest Management System for their exploitations or for the certification of the Chain of Custody of the products and subproducts derived from the use of this type of timber.
  • The Management of FINSA fully supports the guidelines and procedures arising from the Quality Manual, which are, thus, mandatory for all its employees. FINSA undertakes to provide the necessary means to achieve the provisions of this policy, ensuring its update, its dissemination and its understanding at all levels.
Finsa regards its suppliers as a very important part of the chain starting with them and ending with customer service. This is clearly shown in our Management Model.
Many companies enjoy a stable relationship with Finsa, based on providing a good service, reasonable prices and good product quality. A relationship such as this is dependant on mutual trust and a professional working style. Just as we demand respect, we also regard professionalism as indispensable, and all our suppliers can rest assured, knowing their proposals will be valued with the same thoroughness Finsa requires from them.
There are different laws that govern relationships between companies, however, should any supplier feel that its rights have been violated, Finsa has all the necessary human and organisational means in order for the Company Management to deal with such grievances.
We would also like to highlight Finsa’s greatest strictness in doing away with any preferential treatment to any supplier which is not backed up by distinct professional qualities. Likewise, no company shall obtain any benefit in the relationship if it tries to gain any favour through methods other than those that are strictly professional. Moreover, all our staff has clear instructions regarding the terms of the relationship with Finsa’s suppliers. Such instructions include a sanctioning code for employees and the exclusion of the supplier from any professional relationship with Finsa in the case of improper practices.
Over the eighty years of Finsa’s history, many suppliers have played a very important role in our company, and which have been excellent travelling companions and which have helped us become what we are today. Likewise, we have always tried to help those that are loyal in their work with this company. Based upon these assumptions, any company that feels it can help us improve and that has the necessary means can approach Finsa’s different procurement services and will be properly received.
To all of them, thank you for your cooperation
Finsahome is a Constructionline Gold Member. This certifies that we have met pre-qualification requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement. (PAS91)

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Certificate.

Our Apprenticeships Program sees a large number of young enthusiastic boys and girls joining Finsahome every year.
We work in partnership with Wirral Met College and Birmingham Met College to help training local youngsters in a diverse range of skills: warehousing and distribution, sales and customer service, office management and business administration.
More and more every year our headcount increases by offering permanent jobs to some of those bright Apprentices who go all the way with Finsahome completing successfully their Apprenticeship courses.

We pride ourselves in being one of the few furniture manufacturers that oversee the whole production process from start to finish, including the management of our own sustainably grown forests, right through to delivering your new Finsa Home Kitchen and Laminate Flooring direct to your door.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standard and our customer service is second to none, meaning you can be assured of satisfaction and peace of mind at all times.

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