Laminate Flooring? New Tiles? Paint!!

Flooring is the one thing that you always forget that if you change it, you will make a big difference in your house. Today we will tell you how to save money when making improvements to your house. With the good weather, our DIY spirit emanates.
Are you refurbishing your house this spring?

DIY project with tilesA nice trick to avoid spending thousands of pounds in refacing a kitchen, bathroom or conservatory is to paint your existing tiles. If they are in poor condition and you are tired of looking at them and sigh because you want to replace them but you shouldn’t spend that amount of money on them, this should be your choice.

The results are really good, and it gives them a touch of personality since you can choose the paint (or paints if you dare).

So let’s get started, to do this you will just need the following materials, and a couple of hours depending on the amount of square metres to cover:

  • Paint for non-porous surfaces
  • Broom/Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Paint roller
  • Masking tape
  • Personal Health and Safety utilities (gloves, mask, …)

If you already have this together, the next step would be to check the state of the junctions of the tiles, if they are fine, you can skip this, otherwise, you should apply some mastic.

DIY project on the laundry room

  1. Use your broom or vacuum to clean the floor where you will use the paint.
  2. Use the mop to clean it thoroughly so the paint will work better on it.
  3. Use the masking tape on the walls around the floor to avoid any accidents.
  4. Apply the paint as if it was a wall.
  5. Wait until it dries.
  6. Apply the paint again. You should do this at least two times on your tiles.
  7. Wait again.
  8. Remove the masking tape.
  9. Enjoy!

It is that easy! Refurbish your tiles for less than one hundred pounds. Anyway, if you still want to replace your flooring and this is not your choice, you can still refurbish it on a budget with tile laminate flooring, or even the cheapest laminate flooring, which we’ve been selling for bathrooms and kitchens for years, so it is water resistant.DIY project with tiles

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