Green Living: 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

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The following blog post has been contributed to Finsa Home by Dixie Somers. A freelance writer who enjoys the topics of home, health and family, Dixie takes us through the best ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly. Going green is the only option of restoring the earth into a habitable place. Human activity has

Landlord and tenants, advices for renting

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We are still taking advantage of the Property and Landlord Show in Coventry last week. And we would like to share these tips and “secrets” with all of you, so you can take advantage of them as well. The Deposit Protection Service in collaboration with some landlords made a list of the 10 crucial tips

Create your Favourite Air Freshener

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Each house in the world has it’s own unique smell. Some of them are nice and sweet, but not all… Human beings are animals that get used to almost anything, and the smell of your house is not counted out of this. You probably don’t even realise that it has a particular smell when you

Kitchen zones according to layout

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  Some kitchens are designed to prioritise the cook’s working area, with plenty of room to prepare meals, big cupboards and all the cooking utensils you may need handy. Some others are made to optimise a smaller area, which might be used to both eat and work there. Obviously, it all depends on the size

DIY Christmas decoration

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We are relentlessly approaching Christmas, and you may like it or not, but everybody wants to have the most (and best) decorated house in the UK. And have it ready for the arrival of Santa Claus down our chimney. So the real problem these days is to have original and unique decorative items in our

4+1 Tips for fighting humidity, and why you should do it.

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We’ve already discussed how you can use laminate flooring in the kitchen or bathroom nowadays, because some of them are water resistant. However, you probably still want to keep your home at a reasonably normal level of humidity, for many reasons. Your electrical devices obviously don’t like water, and a highly humid environment can exacerbate

No blinds? No worries!

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At this time of year, blinds are crucial if you want to get a good nights sleep! With blinds we can block out excess light and heat. However, Blinds are not always so stylish or practical! So, if you don’t have blinds, and don’t want them either, we’re here today to offer some alternatives!

Cold Beers in 10 minutes? We know how to do it!

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Going to the shops or ordering online, gathering everything you need, creating the perfect environment, moving furniture, getting prepared for working safely, feeding the dog… We know that doing your own stuff at home is tiring (and satisfying), so we thought, what if you would like to rest in the middle of D.I.Y. project? Or

Preparing your mind for changes and refurbishments

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Anyone can tell you how to carry out a practical job, but have you ever thought about preparing your mind? Do you think it is time to renovate your house? It is summer, the perfect time for setting new projects to life, so why not?! It can be a daunting task if you have a lot to do, and no