Landlord and tenants, advices for renting

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We are still taking advantage of the Property and Landlord Show in Coventry last week. And we would like to share these tips and “secrets” with all of you, so you can take advantage of them as well. The Deposit Protection Service in collaboration with some landlords made a list of the 10 crucial tips

Learn how to clean while taking care of the environment

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Day after day we realise more how much more important is to protect the environment. Human beings have been polluting the planet for year and at a constant growing rate. Chemical cleaning products are, in fact, a high corrosive contaminant. It isn’t that we don’t want you to clean your house, but you can do

3 things to take care of when isolating your house

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There are some aspects of your house that you should check out to make sure you don’t lose heat from your home. Before we start with them, the very first piece of advice we will give you, is to do not go further than 21 degrees on the thermostat. We’ve told you that before, and

4+1 Tips for fighting humidity, and why you should do it.

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We’ve already discussed how you can use laminate flooring in the kitchen or bathroom nowadays, because some of them are water resistant. However, you probably still want to keep your home at a reasonably normal level of humidity, for many reasons. Your electrical devices obviously don’t like water, and a highly humid environment can exacerbate

Laminate flooring VS Hardwood floor, pros and cons.

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Laminate flooring, or a real hardwood floor? If you are redecorating, moving house, or just want a change, you may have been stuck on this question. These days, the quality of laminate flooring is so high that it can really be a match for the real deal! So, with that in mind, what are the

Cool kitchen gadgets that just make sense!

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Make your life easier with these kitchen gadgets we selected for you! A custom engraved rolling pin is the first of the kitchen gadgets in this list. It will make any creation extra special! Multiple scissors will save you loads of time and effort when preparing herbs, garnishes and salads! A bread saw is way

The laid back guide to a spring clean!

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TOP TIP - Forget about trying to deep clean everything in one weekend! Take it easy and make it manageable. Here are 6 reasons why having a spring clean is a good idea; but remember, take it slow and enjoy yourself! • Find things you’ve long forgotten about and lose yourself in time and old

10 ways to re-use empty jam jars!

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Here are some clever and creative things you could try out today! All thanks to the humble jam jar ! Make an easy and effective nail polish remover aid. Just bend your photos into the jam jar and display them in a fresh way.. Add olive oil for a vintage look. #Nofilter! Use as a