Day after day we realise more how much more important is to protect the environment. Human beings have been polluting the planet for year and at a constant growing rate.Danger for the environment

Chemical cleaning products are, in fact, a high corrosive contaminant. It isn’t that we don’t want you to clean your house, but you can do it with natural products that not only clean, but keep your furniture and other elements in perfect conditions for longer.

Clean your mirrors

by diluting just three spoons of white wine in a litre of warm water and apply to the mirror immediately. You can dry it off after that with any cloth or paper.

Make your own multi-surface cleaner

and save some pounds and the environment.

Boiling Water on Gas

Boiling Water on Gas

You only need:

  • A pot or tin
  • 800ml of white wine vinegar
  • 180ml of 96% alcohol
  • 15ml of essence of eucaliptus oil
  • 5ml of essence of lemon oil

Use it by mixing the product you just made with water. Two spoons per litre of water are enough.

Clean your bathroom pieces

by mixing vinegar, bicarbonate and water, with the same quantities. You can add any oil essence that you like to make it smell better, more shiny and last longer.

To clean your tiles

you can do it with the following recipe which is not only environmentally friendly but will make your house smell really good.

Boil a litre of water and add some rosemary branches to it. Wait for it to infuse and for the branches to get cold. After that if possible, add some. You can use it on a pulverizer to extend its life time and make it easier to use.

bottles of aromatic oil

bottles of aromatic oil

Remember that the most important thing about cleaning is to keep on top of it so your furniture and house is not covered by any dusty layers and your furniture will last longer, making you more happy. We will be giving you some more techniques on green cleaning and other aspects of your house. But in the meanwhile, do you have any green cleaning tips or do you need advice for some troublesome areas in your home?

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