There are some aspects of your house that you should check out to make sure you don’t lose heat from your home. Before we start with them, the very first piece of advice we will give you, is to do not go further than 21 degrees on the thermostat. We’ve told you that before, and we will insist, regarding the positive benefits it brings to you – better health because the different temperature impact is lower; less humidity because of the vapour; and of course the electricity bill will be cheaper.

So, after saying that, let’s get into the aspects that we think are the most important in keeping your home well insulated, and how to fix any problems if necessary.

The walls

Cold wallare the main way heat could escape from our home. Old buildings use solid bricks which make the cold come inside your house, and there is not too much you can do to fix it. Nowadays bricks are not solid and some other materials are used to isolate the heating and keep a warm temperature.

Wall heaters

waste heat through the walls. You can solve this issue by placing heat bafflers which make the heat heading outside the wall to go back inside the house. The cheaper way is to use foil instead, placed behind the heaters as well.


Isolating windowsare obviously the other big problem when talking about heating insulation. Old windows made of wood and a single crystal are the main entrance for the winter cold. But you can use autoadhesive wheatherstrips, which will make your windows a high percentage more heat insulating. Anyway, the final solution would be to replace the window and use an aluminium made one with thermic crystal. They are expensive but you will get a 40% heat loss reduction, compared to the single crystal version.


Cold tilesis the third element to take care of. A huge amount of heating leaves our house through the floor. Tiles are cold and make our houses uncomfortable, but they are usually in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, where carpet would not be a practical option. So you can use tile laminate flooring, which is basically wood with tile finish.

But for any other kind of room, carpet is the first choice. Cheap and (obviously) easy to install. Anyway, the real way to fix this problem is to place a radiated floor, which means heaters below your feet, sounds cool eh! It is! But expensive.