Flooring and doors, combine their colours properly

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The importance of the combination between doors colour and flooring colour is crucial. And it is usual to be scared when chosing these kind of things that will be with us for many years (or that´s the intend of it, unless you are reading this after the mess). So we are here today to help

3 things to take care of when isolating your house

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There are some aspects of your house that you should check out to make sure you don’t lose heat from your home. Before we start with them, the very first piece of advice we will give you, is to do not go further than 21 degrees on the thermostat. We’ve told you that before, and

Tile effect laminate flooring: Yes! That’s your choice!

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Tile effect laminate flooring has all the properties of classic laminate flooring, plus an extra anti humidity cover, so it is good to use in kitchens and in bathrooms. Laminate flooring appears to be the best way that everyone can enjoy a wood effect in their home. It is affordable and has many desirable features

Flooring Calculator, how much flooring do you need?

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How to know how much flooring you need When we are about to refurbish or install new laminated flooring in our house, we need to make a brief estimation of how big the room we want to cover is. With this in mind, we will know how many boxes of laminate flooring we need to

Laminate flooring VS Hardwood floor, pros and cons.

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Laminate flooring, or a real hardwood floor? If you are redecorating, moving house, or just want a change, you may have been stuck on this question. These days, the quality of laminate flooring is so high that it can really be a match for the real deal! So, with that in mind, what are the