The importance of the combination between doors colour and flooring colour is crucial. And it is usual to be scared when chosing these kind of things that will be with us for many years (or that´s the intend of it, unless you are reading this after the mess). So we are here today to help you picture what is trendy, what is classical and why you should be careful with this choice.

Colour wheel

White plain doors

are trendy these days. It is classical but always linked to decoration trends. And “plain and white” doesn’t mean boring, it just hasn’t got any frames but can still contain some relief lines. They reflect light, which is good, but you should look for a model with a dull finish, bright whites are not trendy. For these kind of doors you can use aluminium hinges and handles.
Combining with most of the available colours in laminate flooring out there, and specially with thouse which are grey and dark to create contrast, and it is an all-time choice. Nordic style can be created with these doors too. Nordic style is all about light colours to use the slightly light the Scandinavian countries can use in some months to illuminate the whole house easily. So, to create this illusion, you can use light colours in the flooring, which will provide a warmth feeling aswel. If you like this style, remember to don’t use too many decorative elements in your house, it is more about minimalism. About the baseboards we can say they are getting bigger, even at around 6 inches, making a “frame” for your favourite laminate flooring. You may think this styles will reduce the type of furniture you can use, but it actually will boost any antique piece of furniture. Again, it is all about contrast.

Coloured doors

Natural wood doors

are the most classical choice, especially when combined with sand-colour floors. It is commonly used a varnished natural wood matching laminate flooring or real tiles in similar colours. The pursuit of saving money in electricity power takes dark wood doors to a second place. Oak is the common replace for these uses, because it is a warm and cheap wood. The good thing of using this kind of colours is that you don’t have almost any limitiation in terms of any other decorative element in the room.

Coloured floor

Shocking colour doors

are only for people who want a house with its own unique personality. Mixing styles on them is allowed, so decorative elements are just chosen because the owner likes them on their own, creating a collage of different things. Going back to the doors, you can paint them in garnet if your walls and/or floor is sand or brown color. Or light blue if it will be used in your summer house. With these kind of impact doors you can use any kind of retro laminate flooring or used simulated one.