Kitchen cabinet – replacing or refacing?

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So you are tired of entering your kitchen which is about 20 years old and looks like a Breaking Bad scene, when all you really want is one which could be seen in the Hell’s Kitchen finals. But you are asking yourself whether or not it is worth replacing the whole kitchen or just taking

How to trim laminate flooring

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One of the common questions people have when they are ready to install new laminate flooring is how to trim it. We always say it is an easy procedure but there are still a few things to consider before starting. Today we will give you tips and explain the tricky situations that may appear when

No blinds? No worries!

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At this time of year, blinds are crucial if you want to get a good nights sleep! With blinds we can block out excess light and heat. However, Blinds are not always so stylish or practical! So, if you don’t have blinds, and don’t want them either, we’re here today to offer some alternatives!

Underlay for laminate flooring, which one?

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Before installing a new laminate floor we may want to place a layer underneath the actual floor. It is called foam, underlay, or base. There are some important reasons to do that: Steam Barrier To level small irregularities Thermal isolation Acoustical isolation Talking about its thickness, there are many different types. But the most used

7 Cleaning tips

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We are sharing these cleaning tips because we know keeping your house clean is not an easy task. We like every corner to be perfect.  So we should take it easy and don’t hate the task. Anyway, with the tips in this post, it will be easier and cheaper. Cleaning your windows. Have you been