So you are tired of entering your kitchen which is about 20 years old and looks like a Breaking Bad scene, when all you really want is one which could be seen in the Hell’s Kitchen finals. But you are asking yourself whether or not it is worth replacing the whole kitchen or just taking advantage of what you already have and saving a huge amount of money in the process by just by refacing it.

Reface kitchen cabinets - beforeWe have explained in other posts how to make your kitchen look brand new on a budget. This time we will talk about whether or not you need or don’t need to replace cabinets and/or doors to get the same results.

This is a much discussed topic, and there is usually just one determinant factor, your budget… Yes, and your DIY skills too… No, that’s too easy. It is also how motivated you are to do the work.

Ok, so let’s assume you are motivated enough to use some hours of your weekend in order to make your kitchen look better, and/or that your pockets are almost empty. For this reason we will discard the full kitchen refurbishment and instead just focus on refacing.

First of all,

think about the layout of your kitchen furniture. Do you like it? Would you move anything? All? Nothing?

Obviously, if you don’t need to move anything, or you can use what you have to build what you want, you will save money.

The second step

to take is to check the quality of your kitchen carcasses. Heat and humidity is often filtered through the kitchen furniture and this harms your furniture without you even realising it until it is damaged. Or maybe you have a cat, a dog, kids, or it is simply just too old.

reface kitchen carcasses - afterIn case any of the first two steps apply to you, you can still do your own low cost kitchen refurbishment by buying DIY kitchen carcasses.

If you reach this point it means that you have already thought about using carcasses and now you need to put them together to become kitchen cabinets, what lead us to the next step.

The third step

is to find a proper kitchen door to fit your taste. There are so many different types of them that is (almost) impossible to find the perfect one for you. Traditional or contemporary designs will make the difference when doing this kind of works for your home (for yourself).

Did you find the one you like? Of course you did! So now there is just the final, easy step – Now you just need a screwdriver… I bet you know what the next step is!