There are some differences between kitchen carcasses that you should take into account before buying yours. These differences will determine how long your carcass will last in good conditions. We cannot just look at them and choose by their appearance. The thickness and treatment they have received are really important. So let’s go step by step talking about everything that is relevant when choosing your desired kitchen carcass.

When buying kitchen carcasses you should consider:

Density and thickness

Kitchen carcasses and cabinetsis the most important thing to look at when buying new kitchen carcasses. The cabinet will be stronger and able to keep more weight when it is more dense and thick. Buying thick and dense kitchen carcasses will avoid them to reel or deform, which is important, isn’t it?

Waterproof treatment

Waterproof kitchen carcassesis another important point for kitchen carcasses, since they are often exposed to water (unless you never cook and order delivery often). Plus, it is not only a matter of a water drop when cooking something, but the natural humidity from condensation found in every kitchen in the world.

Kitchen carcasses need doors, and there are plenty options:

Laminated replacement kitchen doors:

They are made using wood agglomerated with laminated sheets stuck on it. You can find these sheets on different thickness and a huge variety of colours to give your kitchen cabinets the personality that fits you. And all of this at an affordable price.

Multi layered replacement kitchen doors

are pretty much the same as the ones described above, but made with many laminated sheets (could you guess?). This specification gives the kitchen door the optional milling design.

Lacquered replacement kitchen doors

Kitchen carcasses and doorsare made with MDF with one or more layers of lacquered paint. It is really important with this kind of kitchen door to know how many layers it has, specially when they are not on white colour, because if you (accidentally) scratch your brand new kitchen door, you will see the white layer colour below it.

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Hardwood replacement kitchen doors

are the most expensive choice of all the ones we have discussed here. But they can be milled or lacquered with no problems at all. They last really long in good conditions and they are the classic ones.

We hope you found this is helpful to help you build your dreamed kitchen!