Finsa Home at the UK Construction Week, NEC Birmingham

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Great success last week at the UK Construction Week, NEC Birmingham Hundreds of visitors to our stand included re known property developers such as St. Joseph Homes / Berkeley Group, Modularwise, Savoy Estates and Jehu. The Finsahome's Contract team showcased Finsahome's Kitchens and Floors and the tailored service they provide to property developers: From design

Why Kitchen Fitters prefer Flat Pack Kitchen Units?

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The biggest decision you have before planning a kitchen renovation is what type of kitchen build you want it to be. Are you looking for a quick easy turn around? Using a fully assembled rigid kitchen…. Or a ready to assemble flat pack kitchen at a smaller cost? They both have their Pro’s and Con’s

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Boredom is an endemic problem in our society. We usually focus on irrelevant things to pass the time but everything that surrounds us affects how we feel. Changing our surroundings can make a big difference! Refurbishing, or changing the colours of our house can make all the difference and might just be a little step

Finsa Home at the KBB Birmingham Show, visit us!

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Show target audience: Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Retailers All leading suppliers to the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Retail market will showcase their latest designs Finsa UK will showcase innovative decorative wood based panels for furniture making. Very celebrated in recent interior decorating and design shows. Finsahome will launch its new 'Connectia Kitchen Collection'. A trendy collection of

Creaky laminate flooring, you can fix it!

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We all love stepping on a silent floor. The only one thing that should make any kind of noise when walking through our house is our shoes on the floor, not the floor hitting only lord knows what. You may be wondering if this only affects people with laminate flooring, the short answer is NO,

Electric eficiency, easier than what you think

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Let’s talk about efficiency, not restrictions on power consumption. People think that to save energy (and money) in your electricity bill you need to go back to pleistocene, and that’s not true! If you want to save money and take care of the planet where you live, just follow our tips!  This is not to

Traditional kitchens are trendy now!

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If you want to be different in terms of design and decoration in your kitchen, you may want to go back to a traditional and rustic style kitchen. You can keep it modern yet unique with our advice, and combine a traditional look with a contemporary feel. Use wood yes, wood is obviously the main

Worktop, find the perfect for you!

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Are you a chef, or do you rely more on your microwave? Whatever you do in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry - there is a kitchen worktop for you! You should keep in mind that just because your worktop may be used intently, it doesn’t mean that can’t be stylish. Today we are