A couple of weeks ago a new question arose in our shop: Can we design a kitchen whilst taking into consideration the mobility issues and lack of strength an elderly person could have? We started researching in order to fulfill our customers demand. We learnt several things that would be useful when designing a kitchen for an elderly person including making our kitchens safer and more functional so they could enjoy cooking.

So we are here today to share them with all of you.

The worktop must be clear at all times, only whilst cooking should food be out. You don’t need anything decorative on the worktop as it has no purpose whilst cooking. Trust me, mobility is easier with that thing placed somewhere else! Imagine you need to move a pot filled with water from one side of the worktop to the cooker, I am pretty sure that the bonsai in the middle is not helping, and compromises your safety (and your dinner).

Something we usually forget is to place everything we use the most in the first row of each cupboard. It seems logical but most of us are usually pre-occupied whilst cleaning dishes and at the moment of putting the pots or any other kitchen accessory away, you won’t consider this advice. Do it and you will thank yourself next time.

One of the most important parts of this question that made us think was how to make the elderly person comfortable whilst cooking. The best way to achieve that is by having an adjustable stool in the kitchen so you can cook, cut, or just read the recipe book relaxed whilst cooking. It is obviously great advice for elderly people, but something you should consider as well. It will make cooking more comfortable and eventually you will develop a passion for cooking instead of making microwave meals at the office.

We also have some safety advice about cookers and flooring. We are in 2016, stop using gas cookers! It is dangerous for you, your neighbors, it’s expensive and a pain in the ass when you run out of it. You can alternatively use induction or vitro cookers, which are easier to clean and safer.