Boredom is an endemic problem in our society. We usually focus on irrelevant things to pass the time but everything that surrounds us affects how we feel. Changing our surroundings can make a big difference! Refurbishing, or changing the colours of our house can make all the difference and might just be a little step closer to feeling better. In the beginning of the year the new chromatic trends were revealed and we are here to tell you how to match them with your furniture, flooring and house equipment.

It is always a good time to change our house decoration! One of the biggest changes, apart from replacing the flooring and big works, is to paint the walls or even the furniture. Match your cushions with the trendy colours out there, making your house enviable.

You may be thinking but… how, why and who decided which colour is trendy and which is not? You may think this is just an invented “department” in an influencing company that randomly say three or four colours each year. It is not. Pantone Institute meets around 40 experts in decoration, fashion, architecture and other influencer markets to “decide” which ones are the trendy colours for the year. This is not a random decision, they research what is trendy in music, fashion, films, successful companies, … so basically it is a sociological investigation that matches melodies and colours, fabrics and walls, or structures and furniture.

Let’s talk about colours. Pantone Institute revealed at the end of last year, that the colours for 2016 will be related with nature and pastel colours. They say it is going to be like that due to the cultural and political situation worldwide. These colours would be relaxing, calm-driven, but with vitality and purity as well.