We all love stepping on a silent floor. The only one thing that should make any kind of noise when walking through our house is our shoes on the floor, not the floor hitting only lord knows what. You may be wondering if this only affects people with laminate flooring, the short answer is NO, the longer answer is IT DEPENDS ON SEVERAL THINGS, and for the full answer, tips and tricks, just continue reading this.Cracky floor

As we said before, the are a lot of things that can make your floor creak. Let’s start at the beginning, the installation. Before you start working on the floor, you need to clean and level the surface where you want the floor to be placed. This is the same for any kind of flooring you want to install, especially if it is laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. Make sure there is nothing on the floor before starting, some people report crunching sounds and when we go and have a look, we discover that under the flooring there are even stubs from the workers… (remember to hire proper workers if you don’t want to place it yourself). Another recurring situation we have found is unleveled bases. There are solutions out there to make it easy to level it, like leveling compounds, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money on that, but remember to buy a good one if you need it, because a cheap one may cause cracking. One last tip for installation is to use underlay on laminate flooring. It has advantages like thermal isolation and noise reduction which makes your laminate flooring more comfortable for everybody.


It may be too late to talk about installation so you may need to remove your laminate flooring for a while, clean your floor, use compound if needed, place your underlay, and put your flooring down again (or replace it if you are tired of that colour). It is not a difficult task, you can do it yourself in a few hours depending on the size, and the amount of furniture you need to move, which is usually the main problem. The planks usually just link to each other with a click system instead of glue. Glue hasn’t been used for this type of flooring for a while,as a click system is so much easier.

Heavy step

Another typical mistake when installing laminate flooring is forgetting to use dilatation joints, your laminate floor needs them! Temperature changes affect your laminate flooring more than to traditional flooring or vinyl, so make sure you install them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and pay close attention to the amount of planks you can install without it. Another good trick for that, is to hide them under the moulding scotia.

noisy laminate flooring
Two other things that can make your laminate flooring creak are humidity and temperature, which usually go hand in hand.. If you have followed our tips, you shouldn’t have a problem! If you didn’t, you can use grease on every plank (unless you know which one is alone), but we should warn you that it is a pain in the ass….