If you want to be different in terms of design and decoration in your kitchen, you may want to go back to a traditional and rustic style kitchen. You can keep it modern yet unique with our advice, and combine a traditional look with a contemporary feel.

Use wood

DIY Traditional kitchenyes, wood is obviously the main character on any traditional kitchen, so use it, and do it a lot! It can be present in cupboards, worktops and flooring. Wooden furniture fits almost any style so you won’t have any problems matching your existing furniture items to any new kitchen.

Mix and win

different styles, wood and metal, dull and bright. Everything can work and make your kitchen unique and different from any other. If you want to design your kitchen using a countryside style, you can use a cloth instead of doors for your cupboards. After that, go outside and sing the Do-Re-Mi song from “The sound of music” while spinning under the sun.

About worktops

traditional kitchen with rounded worktopif you want to go to the extreme countryside, you need to use rounded corner worktops in white or just raw wood colour. It would be completely different just by making sharp corners instead of rounded, think about that. Small details can make a big difference!

Classic taps

and a rounded pit as a sink, in bronze or gold colours will look great! Also (again) you can include some modern styles like introducing a chrome effect finish.

When choosing your flooring

rustic kitchen with white wallsyou may want to get tiles. If this is your case, you should consider using different size tiles to make it feel even more “handmade” and rustic. If you prefer using wood, remember to treat the flooring properly to resist the abrasion in this space of the house. You can go for laminate flooring or LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) which are easier to install and needs low to zero maintenance because they are extremely resistant to abrasion. The important thing on this topic in order to be really rustic, and to get the natural feeling, is to use irregular tiles or lodes in laminate flooring.

Let’s paint the walls

in ocher or stone colours, mixed with any kind of light grey or white (to make it look bigger and lighter). To protect the walls around the stovetops you can use real tiles or rustic stone in this area.

Have you got any other ideas about keeping your kitchen rustic while being modern? Let us know!