Are you a chef, or do you rely more on your microwave? Whatever you do in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry – there is a kitchen worktop for you! You should keep in mind that just because your worktop may be used intently, it doesn’t mean that can’t be stylish.

Today we are going to help you choose your perfect worktop, and point out some things that you may not have considered along the way.

So let’s get started, there are some rules you should follow to be happy with your worktop…

  • It has to fit your lifestyle
  • It has to fit your way of cooking
  • It has to fit your preferences

Do you like spending time in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking?

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or you just like to cook, you should go for something that is resistant to heat and abrasion.

You can chose a natural stone worktop. They are strong and resistant. There are plenty of options in this category to choose from. However, it could be really expensive depending on the type of stone you choose.

Stone WorktopAnother interesting choice if you are a cooking enthusiast, is a quartz worktop. There is a huge range of colours for worktops made of quartz, from beige to pink, so you will find the perfect one for you. The thing is quartz is not so heat resistant, so you will have to be careful with it.

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Our last suggestion for cooks is the porcelain ceramic worktop. They are made of a really resistant material in terms of heat and wear. Plus, they are nonstick and some of them are even antibacterial. Designed on plain colours, they are trendy right now because of their fineness.

Don’t have time for cooking? Don’t like it? Don’t worry, there are worktops for you too!

White stone laminated worktop

If you are more of a tupperware and microwave person, you probably don’t need the high spec worktops we’ve been talking about. But there are still a couple more options for you to choose from.

Laminated worktops are probably the best choice for you. The range of finishes is so huge that it is ridiculous to talk about – you can find everything you can imagine! They are not so resistant to wear and heat, but they will meet your needs! The best thing about this kind of worktop is the price! They are really cheap for what you get!

Wood worktopAnd last but by no means least, is the option of real wood. A real wood kitchen counter top will give your kitchen a warm and natural touch! A little more expensive than a laminated worktop, but a little more hardwearing too! Real wood is the only option on our list which is recommended for cutting, slicing and chopping!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options when choosing your kitchen worktop. Just follow your needs and your budget!