We’ve already discussed how you can use laminate flooring in the kitchen or bathroom nowadays, because some of them are water resistant. However, you probably still want to keep your home at a reasonably normal level of humidity, for many reasons. Your electrical devices obviously don’t like water, and a highly humid environment can exacerbate allergies and even asthma!  

So it is clear, we like to keep our homes at a normal level of humidity, for several reasons: temperature, health, comfortability, the list could go on forever. But we all know that in this climate, it is not always easy to keep our house’s warm and comfortable.

You can follow our guide of top tips to help you keep your home warm, cosy and safe, even during the winter months.

Use the extractor

This is probably the first rule you should follow when cooking. The vapour generated during cooking will make the kitchen walls “sweat” and could even create mold on them. Covering your cooking pots while boiling is also an invaluable piece of advice.

Mold at homeMold is probably better known for being an eyesore, rather than a health risk. However, exposure to mold can cause serious breathing problems in young infants and the older generation. Mycotoxins which are inhaled when we are exposed to mold weaken the blood vessels in our lungs, which can pose a fatal risk to young infants who are still growing, and the elder generation who may have lost strength. It is also very harmful for those who have a weak immune system.

For generally healthy people, prolonged exposure to mycotoxins can bring on a myriad of avoidable health problems.

So, if you spot any mold in your home, get it seen to ASAP! And please, follow our tips to help you keep your home at an optimum level of humidity, and therefore mold resistant!

Aerate the house

it is important to have new air inside, even if it is raining outside. Just a few minutes are enough. Remember to do this especially after having a shower or cooking. This will expel the hot air, as well as allowing fresh air in!

aerate your house by opening windows

Lower the thermostat

lowering the thermostat of your heaters may seem contradictory, but higher temperatures “create” more humidity than the lower ones. 21 degrees is enough to be comfortable at home. Remember you can wear a jumper at home. Plus, you’ll be saving energy, and money.

Hang out the washing

If it is possible, hang your washing outside. It creates a lot of condensation inside. You can’t do it every time, or in every home, but if you can, it would be great. If you cannot, this leads us to the last and definitive tip of today…

hang the clothes out

…buy a dehumidifier

If you follow our advice, your house will be more comfortable and you can save money while living better. It is a win win situation!

Do you know any other action that could help?