The following blog post has been contributed to Finsa Home by Dixie Somers. A freelance writer who enjoys the topics of home, health and family, Dixie takes us through the best ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly.

Going green is the only option of restoring the earth into a habitable place.

Human activity has interfered with the eco-system, which is why you need to turn your kitchen green. Not only will you help make the planet better, you’ll also cut costs. Here are five tips that will assist you in doing just that.

1. Avoid Paper Towels

Paper towels are commonly used in kitchens. They offer a quick solution for tidying messes like spills from drinks. However, most people don’t consider the harmful effects of the disposable towels to the environment. Paper towels are made from trees, which mean more has to be cut in order to balance supply and demand. Besides, there are numerous non-biodegradable ingredients that are also added during the production process. Opt for cotton towels that can be washed and re-used.

2. Use Green Soap

Soaps that are mostly used in the kitchen contain ingredients like Nitrate and Chlorine. These are generally unfriendly to the environment. With technological advancements, green soaps have been manufactured. They still remove grease effectively but are friendly on the eco-system. Start using this in your kitchen instead.

3. Adopt an Organic Diet

Organic is the best way to go. Such a diet is very nutritious indeed. Avoid preparing meals from processed foods that contain large amounts of chemicals. Get foods that have been certified as organic. On top of this, eat more greens while cutting back on meat. Fresh fruits and veggies should be in constant supply in the kitchen.

4. Be Conscious of Appliance Use

When you cook in the oven a lot or leave the fridge door open, you’re wasting energy and might be increasing your electricity bill. Try using fans and opening windows in your kitchen instead of constantly leaving the air conditioner running. Also, utilise a company like Georgia Cooling give your air conditioner a tune up, so you’re not losing money through your air conditioner’s performance.

5. Use Reusable Shopping Bag

The disposable plastic bags commonly used in grocery stores are non-biodegradable. A great way of making the kitchen green is by using your own shopping bag. There are various reusable bags that you can purchase and keep in the car, at home or in the office. There are even some stores that have discounts on offer for customers with their own bags.

In general, implement one idea at a time. Once you get the hang of it, add another and proceed like that. There are numerous other ways of enjoying an eco-friendly kitchen as well.