Sometimes you don’t need a tutorial on how to do a complex task

but what you do need is a visual explanation on how to make your life easier. Today, we have gathered some tips, hacks, tricks or whatever you call these highly lazy shortcuts. Some of them are genius, others are more hilarious than anything else but still helpful! Enjoy!



1- Use plastic film on your plates so you will never have to wash them again

DIY home hack

2- Or use an eatable plate, like a pancake!


3- Use a plastic bag with a tube so that you can forget about cups, you have to wash them, you know?

home drinking hack

4- Wrinkled shirt? No problem, use your stove top as a steamer or take it with you to the bathroom when you are having a shower.

How to steam a wrinkled shirt

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5- Use bottles on pots to have your own auto-irrigation system. If you are reading this you are not likely to have anything alive in your house…

Garden hack

6- Deodorant is only for your underarms? Shut up! They are extremely efficient as air fresheners when placed on the heater

air freshener hack

7- Cook two pizzas at once on one tray.

cooking pizza hack

8- Stream your console games on your tablet so you can play them while having a bath. Remember that water and electrical components are not BFF, so do it at your own risk.

Relax hack

Can you think about any other extreme lazy-genius life hacks?