Air freshener
Each house in the world has it’s own unique smell. Some of them are nice and sweet, but not all… Human beings are animals that get used to almost anything, and the smell of your house is not counted out of this. You probably don’t even realise that it has a particular smell when you step into it… but it does! Your k2-_2788b77b-dca8-4c5a-97c1-6a95662fa05c.v1friends would realise.

Lots of people use air fresheners. These are really useful if someone is coming and you’ve been cooking, smoking or… well whatever you do at your house that can affect it’s smell. Who am I to judge? The problem with these artificial air fresheners is that all of them smell the same, and you probably don’t like any. Plus, they are expensive and don’t last too long, so the priceand time spent going to the shop needs to be considered.Air Freshner

And suddenly, Jen’s post appeared on the internet. This girl has shared a cheap and easy method of creating your own air freshener. She emphasised about the amount of people coming to her house that had commended its smell. She emphasized as well how inexpensive it is (around 50p), and the amount of time it lasts.

So let’s get started. You will only need four baking soda spoons, two or three spoons of your chosen softener, one cup of boiling water, and an empty pulverizer. You probably have all of this at home.FileAccessHandler

So the first step is to mix all the ingredients (except the empty pulverizer, obviously).

The second step is to put the mix into the pulverizer.

Did I say it was easy??

As an extra tip for today, you can alternatively use aromatic oils if you want to avoid using any chemical. Anyway none of the dissolutions represent a risk, and you can use them on your clothes and carpets to spread the fresh smellpulverizador-domstico-flower-3053807___pulverizador-domestico around.

And talking about spreading… Don’t you think your friends and family would like to know about this too?? Share it!