We are sharing these cleaning tips because we know keeping your house clean is not an easy task. We like every corner to be perfect.  So we should take it easy and don’t hate the task. Anyway, with the tips in this post, it will be easier and cheaper.

Cleaning your windows.

Cleaning Tips - WindowsHave you been cleaning your windows with cloths or paper since ever forever? Stop! Try using tights! The finest, the best. And wipe in the same direction. You don’t even need to use chemical products, but you still can do.

Make your marble worktop shine.

It is easy, you just need vaseline and vinegar diluted into water. The first thing to do is to clean the marble worktop with a dry cloth. After that, use paper and the mix you have made to wipe the marble, and make it shine. You will feel the difference.

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Use detergent to clean carpets.

Cleaning tips - CarpetsEvery step you take on your carpets, the dirtier they get. It is impossible to avoid. For any especially dirty spots, you can use detergent, water and a dry cloth to clean them. If you can place them to get dry in the sun, it would be perfect.

Wooden floor cleaning.

Wood floor is beautiful, however it gets dirty really easy. It can actually drive you to choose some other options like marble or tiles. With these tips you can easily clean it. You just need lemon and softener. Mix it with water in a bucket and you are ready to go. Just scrub your floor as usual.

Keep the dust away from your TV.

Cleaning tips - TV and its static electricityThe trick for that is to avoid the static electricity on the screen. To do that you just need fruit, once more, a lemon. Use its juice and water to spread over the screen, and it will make your TV free of dust last for about 1 week.

Cleaning steel.

You will not believe this, but the best way to clean steel is to apply gin instead of water! No water, no dilution, just gin. Use kitchen paper instead of a cloth. Your steel electric components in the kitchen will shine, and you can prepare a gin and tonic after the work. Remember, AFTER, the work.

We will show you more cleaning tips in next post. Please, share with us using the comments if you know any other useful tips we all can take advantage of.