At this time of year, blinds are crucial if you want to get a good nights sleep! With blinds we can block out excess light and heat.

However, Blinds are not always so stylish or practical!

So, if you don’t have blinds, and don’t want them either, we’re here today to offer some alternatives!

No Blinds, solutions

Sleeping mask

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Rolling Screens

No blinds, rolling screen

Rolling screen


They are made of a special fabric that doesn’t let hot or cold pass through – it is a thermal insulator. They can block out the light too depending on the thickness of the fabric. Plus you just need 4 screws in most of the cases to install them. Simple as that!

Black out fabric

No blinds, black out fabric

Black out fabric

The name might make you think it is intended to make you forget about what happens when you use it… but its real purpose is to make your room as dark as the nights sky. You can find it in coils to be cut to your desired size so we can do it by ourselves and make it a curtain to place with our existing one.

Polyester rolling estor

Several types of fabric in this case (cotton, linen, acrylic, polyester…). You can chose from them depending on where you are going to place it. You probably don’t need total darkness for the kitchen or a bathroom, but you probably do for your room, so make sure the chosen one meets your needs.

Electrostatic adhesive rolls

If we don’t want to blind the window we can use electrostatic adhesive rolls. They are commonly used in offices and commercial places. They make the room darker but the light can still pass through them. They reduce around 70% light and 90% UV ray. They are easy to install and easy to remove so this is not an issue, anyway they are not designed to be installed and removed daily or often.

Focusrite fabric

In case we want to keep our own curtains and we want to convert them to make them completely opaques, we can go for this kind of fabric. You just need to stick it to your own curtains and you are good to go. Plus they usually have velcro or any other way to install them really easy.

Can you think about any other way to solve this issue?