One of the common questions people have when they are ready to install new laminate flooring is how to trim it. We always say it is an easy procedure but there are still a few things to consider before starting. Today we will give you tips and explain the tricky situations that may appear when cutting laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring

To do it properly, the planks of laminate flooring should be outside the pack or box from the day before starting working. The reason is that the planks may expand. This may be by only less than one millimetere per plank but if you are covering a big area, it could make the difference.


After most of your laminate flooring is already placed, it is now the moment to trim the planks you need to get the best results. To do so, grab a pencil or chalk and use it to mark the plank on the upper side of it (the side you will step on). You should do it on that side because it is the side you will be facing when cutting… why? Next step.

Laminate flooring assembly

You can use a hand or buzz saw to cut your laminate flooring. Just make sure it has at least 18 teeth per inch. And this is for the same reason as the still unanswered question from before: we want to avoid kindling. And there is more likely to be kindling on the non visible side than the facing one when trimming, that’s why.


Up to this point is the easy thing about trimming laminate flooring. The difficult part comes when you need to cut the flooring not on along a straight line, but on a zigzag or curve. Yes, it could happen, it is not common, but it may be.


Use a sway saw for this. But, the procedure differs from what we’ve seen before. This time you will be trimming facing the opposite side of the plank. Anyway, you should use painting tape on the visible layer of the flooring, again to avoid kindling when cutting. Another good point to consider is to use a paper cutter using the desired shape over the plank. Doing so you will get an easier and more precise trim.Laminate flooring layers
Can you think about any other tip or trick that could make the process easier and/or better? Let us know!