We keep trying to answer all of the most commons questions our customers have about laminate flooring. And today we are going to focus on the relationship between our beloved pets and laminate flooring.


The answer is a full YES! We can have both at home (they are compatible), but we need to follow the advice as follows, divided into two groups, taking care of the laminate flooring, and taking care of the pets.

Laminate flooring and cats


Taking care of the laminate flooring:


Laminate flooring is surprisingly resistant to scratches, humidity and even fire, but we are not encouraging you to test these things. Anyway, its resistance is (obviously) related to the quality of the laminate flooring. You should avoid the “made in China” laminate flooring. We know it is really cheap, but the quality and finish is proportional to its price.

Pets and laminate flooring

It is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry if your dog couldn’t wait to be taken outside… Just remember to clean it asap. To do so, you can use warm water and vinegar, so you will be cleaning and disinfecting the flooring plus removing any smell that could appear from the “accident”.


Remember this is not hardwood flooring, so using bleach or sanding the flooring will damage it! Just warm water and vinegar, it will be enough.


Taking care of our pets:


You should choose a textured laminate flooring, especially if your pet is a big dog. It is important because a big dog would be sliding on the floor instead of walking. And if they slide, it will be easier to scratch it. There are plenty of textured laminate flooring out there.

Humidity pets and laminate flooring


Humidity is still the biggest enemy of laminate flooring. So, avoid floods and all the any liquid drops that may appear when having a pet at home. It is a good idea to place a tray below the sandbox or whatever you could use to let them wait at home when you are working. It is a “just in case” action that you could be thankful for.


In conclusion, you just need to be careful with both, laminate flooring and pets, especially dogs, but they both are compatible and you won’t regret your purchase.