Tile effect laminate flooring has all the properties of classic laminate flooring, plus an extra anti humidity cover, so it is good to use in kitchens and in bathrooms.

Laminate flooring appears to be the best way that everyone can enjoy a wood effect in their home. It is affordable and has many desirable features – it is easy to install, easy to clean, and very durable! The most popular type of laminate flooring is the thermal isolation specification. It is very warm and comfortable, even in cold months. It has been the prevalent choice in north countries.

tile effect laminate flooring FAUS Palatino

FAUS Palatino

In warmer countries, real wood is rarely used, but laminate is. Real wood warps and expands in the heat, but laminate does not! So, we have a floor which is suitable for all conditions, winter and summer!

Tile effect laminate flooring is a more recent innovation in this market and it performs well across many different aspects. It does everything that a laminate floor can, but with a whole new style!

It is a little more expensive than most wood laminate flooring out there, but it is still affordable and cheaper than tiles or real wood!

In the UK, tile effect laminate flooring has become very popular, especially for use in kitchens and in bathrooms. This is because of its anti humidity cover, but also thanks to its range of styles and effects!

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Tile effect laminate flooring FAUS aventino italiano

FAUS Aventino Italiano

Take a look at a few examples of the tile effect laminate flooring available exclusively from FinsaHome; Faus tile effect laminate flooring is available across the UK!

Sizes in tile effect laminate flooring differ from the traditional sizes of laminate flooring. This is because the effect should feel like real tiles, cut from real slate or stone. Realistically, stone and slate are cut into big squares, for practicality. The Faus range of tile effect laminate flooring introduced sizes of 1200×300, 1200×400 and 600×600 to the UK. Also, the pattern on each tile is slightly different, so you can place your tiles randomly and still achieve a look that is natural and balanced.

tile effect laminate flooring FAUS Vulcano negro

FAUS Vulcan Negro

In conclusion, tile effect laminate flooring is the up and coming choice for kitchens and bathrooms across the UK. With an anti – humidity cover and a wide range of new and classic styles to choose from, tile effect laminate flooring could be the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom or kitchen renovation. You can enjoy the cold stone aesthetics of stone and tile whilst also enjoying the warmth of classic laminate flooring underfoot. And it’s all thanks to wood!