When choosing your perfect floor, some critical questions will rise: Will this one fit the style of my home? Will this one make the room look bigger? Will this one be long lasting? There are several types of flooring like tiles, wood, laminated, or vinyl. Each one is perfect for a specific house depending on where you live, and just as good for any others. This is what we want you to think about when choosing a floor.

Tile flooring

Types of floor - Tile floor

Tile floor

is perfect for the bathroom, the kitchen and terrace. The most important specification of this flooring that makes it perfect for these rooms is the humidity resistance and that it is easy to clean. There are several finishes for this flooring, including wood looking, marble, slate… So you won’t have any problem when thinking about style. You have plenty options to choose from! They are even more perfect for warm coast houses, where it is usually hot and by the beach. The sand will be easy to sweep away.

Using wood flooring

Types of floor - Wood floor

Wood floor

to help fight the winter cold. This is a classic use of wood flooring as it is often used in cold areas for its thermal isolation. Colours used on this flooring have evolved over the years so they are not so traditional now. Colours like grey or white are trending now and replacing those old fashioned “wood” colours. This flooring provides elegance and class plus more value to your house (because it is expensive).

Laminate flooring

Types of flooring - laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

is the probably the most popular of the options. It fits pretty much every space you could need it to. It is made of substances taken from real wood and synthetic products, so you don’t need to worry about what it is made of. The important thing about this type of flooring is the fact that they almost don’t need any maintenance and they are the easiest to clean. In addition they are the cheapest flooring you can get and are easy to install. That’s why we think it is a perfect fit for most cases.

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Vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

is the last one on this list. Maybe the reason for that is that it is the most recent innovation of this business. It is very similar to laminate flooring but made with a rubber feeling. It is even more resistant to abrasion and it provides a huge range of textures and finishes. It is good for insulation and easy to install, just stick this to the previous floor in the room or use the “click method”.

Remember a couple of tips already said in some other posts like to place the laminate flooring in the same way as the light comes into the room to make it feel bigger. Or use light coloured flooring to light up the room and dark colours to make it feel warmer.

It is always a good decision to invest money in your house. Just look for the floor you like and the one that fits your needs and go for it. After that, you can show us your results!