We are relentlessly approaching Christmas, and you may like it or not, but everybody wants to have the most (and best) decorated house in the UK. And have it ready for the arrival of Santa Claus down our chimney.

Lego Santa Claus

So the real problem these days is to have original and unique decorative items in our house. How can you do that? By making your own Christmas decorations! It is a good way to fuel the happy family feeling that all of us try to keep on Christmas (remember it should be everyday). All of you can help each other doing these decorations and have a good time all together at home while it is cold outside.


Let’s get started with our DIY Christmas decorations!


A centerpiece for your table is a typical Christmas atrezzo, but if you do it by yourself, it will be unique. For that, just grab a small tray or plate and wrinkle some felt in it. Choose a shiny one, and colours like grey, white, gold or red, which are commonly used at Christmas. Or maybe you want to step out and choose another colour. After placing the felt, make a tie (again in felt) of another colour to create some contrast. Some candles in the middle will be enough to create your own design centerpiece. But you can still add more things. Be creative, that’s the purpose of this.


Christmas decoration

Felt is one of the most used materials for this kind of decoration. And your Christmas tree can be full of it. Of course, made by you! Just make balls of any canvas and use felt again to decorate them with lines, grids, ties or anything you can think about. Remember to use colours that fit the rest of the decoration and your home.

Christmas cold

Create your own nativity scene. All of the others will be the same, but yours can be different. You can do just the Nativity scene or the whole land, with houses, castles, grass, farmers and, of course, the three kings. This is probably our most open advice because you can do limitless things. But we can suggest using some materials. Like using sand and moss to create the grass and deserts, little plants to create the farms and plasterboard or wood for the houses.