Going to the shops or ordering online, gathering everything you need, creating the perfect environment, moving furniture, getting prepared for working safely, feeding the dog… We know that doing your own stuff at home is tiring (and satisfying), so we thought, what if you would like to rest in the middle of D.I.Y. project? Or at the end of it?

But… what if you forgot to buy some beers and put them in the fridge the day before? Warm beers are disgusting and, after working (or in the middle) you really want that beer inside of an ice cold can… in fact, it’s the one you deserve! Let’s cold beers quickly

We need to make these beers cold in the fastest way possible!

So here we are, to help you solve this issue.

Cold beers - the beerToday we are not giving advice about a DIY tip or technique, but about something that you can do to make these DIY moments better, which in turn will make you love what you create even more!

Let’s get started with this easy-to-follow 2 step reward guide.

We are assuming that you already have these warm, disgusting beers, maybe hidden in the basement, or in the cupboard, but not in the fridge, or not for a long enough in there.

1st step:

You need a sheet of kitchen roll (any tissue or toilet paper would work too, but trust me, it is better with kitchen roll) for each beer you want to freeze ultra fast. Soak this sheet in water and coil it around the can or bottle.

2nd step:

Place the beer with the coiled sheet into the freezer and wait 10 miCold beers - the freezernutes.


We are not scientists, but the quick explanation about this fact is; The water on the sheet will get cold really fast, even frozen, in some minutes. This frozen water is in touch with the can or bottle and will make it freeze faster than if the can were in the freezer with just cold air circulating around it. Imagine you are on a snowy mountain… Yes, it is cold there, but it would be a lot worse if you were in contact with water. You would die faster, and that’s what we want to do with our beloved beers – kill them quickly so that they don’t suffer. 🙂

Do you have any other hack to make beer get cold faster? Share it with us!!!