This is not an easy task, but we will try to make it easier with our tips for organising all kinds of paintings in your living room.

So you have bought or painted these canvases and now you have some doubts about where and how to place them. Help is always welcome so let’s place them together!

The first question when placing paintings is which will fit better in your living room in terms of lighting and space?

Place paintings horizontallyIf you have a small living room you should not have too many paintings. We want to make a room feel bigger, don’t we? So simply use bigger paintings instead of a large amount of them. This will ensure that the room does not look too busy.

If your living room has a lack of light, the best way to solve this issue (using paintings) is to place light coloured ones, and make sure again that they match the size of the space.

There are several ways to hang them up depending on your preferences and the style of your house. Here we suggest some of the most commonly used:


Use two paintings in the same axis, horizontal or vertical. Furthermore always use the same theme, for example landscapes, family pictures or portraits.

Resting on a shelf:

One original way is to place them on a shelf instead of hanging them up. You can even place them on top of a piece of furniture.

On a horizontal line:

When placed vertically, this creates an illusion of a higher roof. On the other hand, placing them horizontally will make your room seem bigger.

That is all for now about placing your pictures, but we want to give you a couple of more tips::

Placing picturesPlace paintings with colours that match the chairs and tables in the room. It is all about chromatic harmony in any space.

Finally, use adhesive felt on the back of the paintings to avoid the wall becoming damaged.

Is there anything that we have forgotten? If so please let us know in the comments section.