Refurbish your old items into new ones

We have already discussed how we can take advantage of the useless or old items that we find on our house, and today, we want to show you some ideas you can adopt to make that old ladder the coolest thing on your house.

This is not a DIY project, in most of the cases it is usually even simpler than that. You may have just have to refresh it by applying wood protective products, or varnish if needed to match the “glossy” items that you could have in the room already. Of course, this is still optional since you may want to have a rustic ladder in your elegant living room. We will never write about taste, we just show you and you decide.

#1 Make storage using used things.ladder into shelves

Your mobile phone, the book you are currently reading or some magazines… If you own a two-sided ladder, you can place some wood planks in between them to make a good surface to put the things  you need on after or before (or when) you go to bed, so they are always handy.

#2 Use it as coat rackladder used as coat rack

If the style of your house is retro, vintage, urban, etc, you can use one or more ladders to put your coats on when you arrive home. You just need to hang the ladders and nail down almost anything that could dangle your coat. Different colours for the ladders are great if they match the rest of the room

#3 Use it as heated towelDIY project for towels

This one is similarto the previous one, in concept but the way you use it is quite different. You don’t want to hang your towels,
you want them to be stretched at all times to dry properly. For this project you can use the most archaic ladder you can imagine, you can even build one if you don’t have any. It is easy, no explanation needed…

#4 Lamp?Diy project

If you hook some bulbs to it you will have an original point of lighting anywhere you want to place it. Why should you buy a pedestal lamp when you can make your own with just some imagination? Build your own items in y


our house and it would never be unnoticed plus you will love it.

Can you think about any other use a old ladder could have?? Let
us know!