Smells like fresh paint, the colour looks great, and the most important thing is that when you come home, you feel like you have arrived at a brand new house. Yes! Just painting your house can make a big difference, and summer is the perfect time to do that.

colour for walls - paint pot

Paint Pot

And don’t forget about the satisfying moment when your guests ask if you changed anything in your house. And you just think about that moment when everything began and you decided to go and buy some paint and paint rollers.

About colours

Colour range nowadays is infinite. And it is really powerful. It can make a room look bigger, smaller, and even influence your mood. So it is really important to combine them properly!!

Colour for walls - Colourwheel

Colour wheel

There are several things to take into account when choosing colour. But you can minimize the list to just the environment you want to create, and who will be living in there.

For babies it is good to use lighter colours which are not too intense, to create emotional stability and to help them rest better.

Kids prefer brighter colours, and you can use colours from their favourite team or from a TV show they love.


Common colours should be used in bedrooms, and it is great to combine the intensity or tone in different walls with the same colour, try it!

For the living room or any other shared room you can use more bright or saturated colours, like red.

Remember your limitations are not dictated by the manufacturers range of colours (which are huge), but you can mix paints to make your own too.

As a bonus, today we will tell you about some other painting techniques you can use instead of painting your house.

Painted paper:

it is a cool alternative to paint. It is really easy to install and you can combine it with your sheets or your sofa. And it is trendy right now, so if you want to be in fashion, this could be your best choice.

Decorative vinyl:

Colour for walls - Decorative vynil

Decorative vynil

as the previous choice, they are easy to install. But its purpose is more about giving personality. There is a neverending list of designs to stick to your walls.

Sheets of fabric:

yes, I know it sounds weird, but this is something that has been done for centuries. And they are easy to mix into the environment of the room because of the available range.

So what do you think is better for you? Do you know any other technique you would like to share with us?