For many people, DIY in the home is all about inspiration.

And, often, inspiration can come from being influenced by others. And that’s why our definitive list of the 50 very best (or, Ultimate, if you like) and “Must-Read” DIY and Home Improvement blogs is a necessity if you’re looking to evoke your creativity and put those DIY skills to practice.

For each of the blogs featured (in no particular order, we must add), there is a small blurb along with one post of theirs that we really recommend taking a look at. Enjoy the list and, if you find it useful, it would be awesome if you could help us share it!

Is your blog fortunate enough to make our esteemed list?



Duo Greg and Ashley detail the latest projects they’re undertaking in their Virginia-based home. They describe their blog as a “Semi-DIY Blog”.

Top post: 7 Things You Can Do Today To Feel More Organised

2. Home Spot HQ

Home Spot offers valuable tips on home maintenance, cleaning and a variety of DIY projects with accompanying images.

Top post: How To Clean Your Shower And Keep It Clean

3. Cottage Magpie

Angela has been operating Cottage Magpie since 2006 and posts regular updates on her home.

Top post: How To Make An Ironing Surface


Boasting three international best-selling books as a background, Holly Becker offers readers inspiring interiors and ideas for creativity in the home.

Top post:

5. Decor Hacks

Decor Hacks offers a variety of tutorials and guides for readers looking to make aesthetic changes to their home and garden.

Top post: Top 10 Decor Hacks Of 2013

7. DIY Home Staging Tips

Barbara’s blog is all about increasing the value of your home – whether that be in order to sell it or just to get the most out of what you have!

Top post: Popular Decorating Advice You Should Ignore

8. DIY Show Off

If you’re looking for inspiration to start designing your own DIY projects (while limiting yourself to a certain budget) then DIY Show Off is the place for you.

Top post: Tips For Making A DIY Pipe Shelving Unit

9. Font Crafts

Font Crafts is all about making the most of typography in the home and displaying it in an eye-catching manner.

Top post: 5 Fab And Fun Bottlecap Craft Ideas 

11. Howd.i.y.

Howd.i.y. is a craft blog with an emphasis on home made projects that can be used to inspire others.

Top post: DIY Lamp Tutorials

12. My Ideal Home

With over 10,000 likes on Facebook, My Ideal Home is regularly updated with images that offer ideas for interior design.

13. I’m An Organizing Junkie

As you can tell from the name, I’m An Organizing Junkie is Laura’s guide to keeping the home in order with a number of straight-forward tips and tutorials.

Top post: Making Extra Space In Your Home When There’s No Room!

14. Retro Renovatio

Retro Renovation is dedicated to adding a vintage feel to your home and publishes posts that can inspire as well as guide you along the way.

Top post: 30+ Tips On Making Your Own Vintage Christmas Wreath

15. Scrap Hacker

Scrap Hacker is all about turning those seemingly unloved and meaningless pieces of furniture and other household items into something spectacular.

Top post: New Uses For Old Keys

16. The Crafting Chicks

The Crafting Chicks post blogs almost daily on all the latest trends and caters for all the seasonal occasions whether it’s Christmas or Halloween.

Top post: 13 Fun And Frightful Halloween Porches

17. The Designer Pad

Offering advice and pictorial inspiration for interior design, The Designer Pad is great for its large, striking images.

Top post: Less Is More

18. DIY Dreamer

Christine’s blog is focused on crafts as well as home improvement tips and food recipes.

Top post: 43 Easter Bunny Ideas

19. The Inspired Room

This blog is predominately image-based but covers a wide variety of home decor, improvement and organisation techniques.

Top post: How To Make A Lamp

20. The Painted Hive

Kristine aims to offer affordable home decor solutions to help spruce-up your abode without the associated costs!

Top post: How To Create Perfect-Looking Curtain Folds

21. Thrifty Decor Chick

Simplicity and cost effective is behind the ethos of Thrifty Decor Chick and this blog offers detailed tutorials on pepping-up your home!

Top post: Spray Painting Door Knobs

22. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy’s self-confessed mission is to help people “make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy”.

Top post: Make Your Own Sand-Filled Time Out Stool

23. BowerPower

This blog tracks a young family’s on-going improvements to their home and there are projects involving the kitchen, bathroom and the outdoors.

Top post: Full-bodied Shelves

24. Curbly

Curbly provides plenty of inspiration for your own DIY or home improvement project with lots of before and after shots as well as ideas.

Top post: Make A Stylish Outdoor Bench From Cinder Block

25. DoItYourself

This website is jam-packed with creative ideas and “How tos” that offer step-by-step guides to a variety of projects.

Top post: 10 Genius Uses For Baking Soda

26. Domestic Imperfection

Ashley describes her blog as being “all about DIY decor, home renovation, craftiness, and real life”.

Top post: How To Make Book Slings

27. Dream Green DIY

Founded in 2011, Dream Green DIY is aims to focus on blogger Carrie’s three passions – DIY, design and life.

Top post: Customizable iPhone Case

28. EverythingLeb

This blog aims to offer readers a host of inspiration for their own home and provides images to help with various decor choices.

Top post: Box It Up!

29. The Friendly Home

The Friendly Home details an insight into Hillary’s day-to-day chores of “building furniture, remodeling, a few crafts, and cooking”.

Top post: How To Build A Kid-Friendly Gingerbread House

30. Goodbye House, Hello Home

GHHH (for short!) aims to put the “heart” into your home, making it unique to you and your personal preferences.

Top post: 25 Creative Ways To Display Christmas Cards

31. Home Hacks

Home Hacks provides tips and advice on alternative solutions to typical everyday household problems and bug bears.

Top post: Hide Ugly Electronics With Art

32. Home Stories A to Z

“How tos” and tutorials are the order of the day for this blogger, Beth, who shares her knowledge on various projects.

Top post: How To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

33. How Does She?

How Does She? is created by women for women (predominately, I’m sure, anyway) and offers advice, tips and life hacks.

Top post: 18 Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Before

34. Ikea Hackers

Ikea Hackers, as you can probably guess, provides ideas and hacks for Ikea-related products and accessories. Users can also submit their own hacks.

Top post: Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Hack

35. Infarrantly Creative

Infarrantly Creative benefits from a number of expert contributors who post tutorials on how to re-purpose and recycle household items.

Top post: How To Build Garage Shelves

36. ManMade DIY

ManMade DIY describes itself as the “Creativity and the Handmade Life for the Postmodern Male” and covers much more than DIY.

Top post: How to: Make A DIY Wooden Welcome Mat

37. Pretty Handy Girl

Ran by Brittany Bailey, Pretty Handy Girl aims to “empower” readers with tails of DIY projects and “How to” guides.

Top post: How To Clean Inside Your Oven Door

38. Remodelaholic

Remodelaholic’s content is supplied by regular contributors as well as guest bloggers who share DIY tips on recycling, re-using and remodelling – all with a budget in mind.

Top post: Build A Patio Table With Built-In Ice Boxes

39. Shelterrific

Founded in 2006, Shelterrific covers all the bases when it comes to the home, including; decorating, cooking, cleaning, crafting and organising.

Top post: Freshening Up A Funky Bathroom: Finding The Right Fixtures

40. Simply Sweet Home

Simply Sweet Home features a mix of cooking recipes, housekeeping tips, craft projects, product reviews and giveaways.

Top post: Top 3 Tips For Styling Your Home’s Interior

41. Slow Your Home

This blog is all about “simple living”, taking a minimalist approach to help add more time and energy to your surroundings.

Top post: The Amazingly Awesome Pre-Holiday De-Clutter Guide

42. The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority sees itself as being committed to protecting your home and the environment.

Top post: How To Make Chalkboard Signs Like A Pro

43. The Creativity Exchange

Blog owner Cyndy claims she likes to use her website as a platform to help inspire others through her own creativity.

Top post: Five Ways To Get Organized In 2014 With Free Printables

44. The Handmade Home

The Handmade Home attempts to offer inspiration for its readers by posting up DIY projects.

Top post: Bathroom Inspiration

45. The Happy Homebodies

Jordan’s blog provides a wealth of DIY tutorials and home decor ideas – along with insights into her home.

Top post: DIY: My Doodle Chair 

46. The House of Smiths

The House of Smiths is a family-orientated blog that charts the progress of various home remodelling and design changes.

Top post: Kitchen Questions Answered

47. Homemade Home Ideas

This blog sets out to publish projects that help “Make a house a home”; there are posts relating to the home, garden, DIY, crafts, gift ideas, health and beauty.

Top post: 35 Things You Should Be Making – Not Buying!

48. Amazing Interior Design

A Home Design magazine, Amazing Interior Design has almost 400,000 likes on Facebook – highlighting its impressive collection of home decor posts.

Top post: 10 Totally Awesome Budget Friendly Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

49. Diply

Diply is about much more than just DIY and Home Improvement but their specific section offers some fantastic ideas.

Top post: 21 Simple Hacks That Will Forever Change The Way You Clean Your House

50. Architecture and Design

With a staggering 9 million Facebook followers, Architecture and Design could be argued to be much more than just a blog.

Top post: 25 Smart Kitchen Gadgets For Your Inspiration