Cleaning66#66 Empty your bin when it’s full.



#67 Use leftover washing up water for your plants.67



68#68 Use a water butt in the garden to collect rainwater.



#69 Re-use the same cups and mugs for your hot drinks.69



70#70 If washing dishes by hand, don’t keep re-filling the bowl with water. Keep water until it’s too cold to use.



#71 Use a dust pan and brush for clearing up mess rather than a hoover.71



72#72 Use bio-degradable washing powders.



#73 Avoid branded surface cleaners and use baking soda instead.73



74#74 Install a faucet aerator to save on the water emitting from your tap.



#75 Instead of buying one-use wipes and cheap sponges, use old towels or t-shirts as cleaning rags.40



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