This blog post has been contributed by Cormac Reynolds, who is a “very amateur” DIY lover, however, he still tries to expend all his knowledge across the net on home improvement projects.

If you have children or pets in your home, then there’s a certain inevitability that carpets will be stained.

Any amount of precaution may not help prevent deep-rooted stains due to unexpected circumstances or mishaps. Most manufacturers claim synthetic carpets are stain free.

However, it is difficult to hire a carpet cleaner every time carpets get soiled – which can be a costly proposition.

What you need is clear understanding of basic methods used to clean carpets. Here are seven tips for keeping your carpet spotless.

Pet Mess

Dogs and other pets can sometimes demonstrate unwanted toilet habits that spoil expensive carpets. The idea is to first remove foul odour. You can use a quarter cup of white vinegar with a quart of warm water. Remove the offending object with a dry glove. Sprinkle the mixture over stains and leave it for a while. Use blotting material to remove poop. Complete the process with a commercial carpet stain cleaning product.

Tea and Coffee Spills

Tea or coffee stains leave ugly brown marks over a clean carpet. Be aware of such stains. It helps take immediate action to prevent saturation. In this case, you could use a mixture of non-bleach detergent, vinegar, and water over a small patch of affected area. The process ensures cleaning is total and complete. Avoid abrasive action for best results.

Make a Wise Choice

Making the right choice of carpet in many cases ensures the cleaning process is simple. For example, polypropylene carpets are designed to be more resistant towards stains. It is possible to keep carpets spot free with a simple mixture of bleach and water in 1:4 proportion. The solution is sprayed directly onto affected areas instead of trying to vigorously rub stains away.

Remedies for Stubborn Stains

Many stains look alike and are difficult to dislodge with simple remedies. It is best to opt for carpet cleaner hire services, whenever stubborn stains are not removable. Services are now affordable and within your reach. A simple search through the Yellow Pages or the Internet may help you get professional services.

Little Ones

Taking care of a baby in the house is not simple. Keeping your carpets spotless is even more difficult. Stains from vomiting and other unfortunate occurrences can be cleaned with the help of ammonia and water. You could also use a mixture of 1:5 chlorine bleach and water to remove early stains.

Ink Stains

Ink stains are a bit tricky and may be difficult to remove completely unless it is soluble in water. Using agents containing alcohol may help. Colourless nail polish removers or hairspray can be used over affected areas. Alcohol is applied directly, rinsed, and then removed using suction. Care must be taken to avoid rubbing affected areas vigorously. Fibres tend to lose shape over the long term.

Always opt for the latest carpet cleansing agent available in the market. Convenience is often of primary importance when trying to maintain carpets. For example, specific cleaning agents are capable of removing bloodstains and other stubborn marks. You could always hire carpet cleaner services in your locality for cheap and guaranteed results.