Laminate flooring for rooms that get wet


laminate flooring and waterIt is not impossible to place laminate flooring in places where there is high humidity. There are housands of different possibilities under your feet will make the difference in each room of your house. Yes! You can use laminate flooring for every room in your house! Even in your bathroom or kitchen. Laminate flooring and humidity are now friends!


Laminate flooring is the trendy choice nowadays because it is quick and easy to install, cheap and is very resistant. But, the bathroom and the kitchen have not been a part of this game for a long time. Not now. You can take advantage of your decorative abilities in these spaces too.


tile laminate flooring and humiditySo, for the bathroom, you have to think about the finish and colours according to your preferences and the rest of the house (which should be based on your preferences as well). Remember to match (or complement) the floor of the bathroom with the space you enter from to inside. It is about balance and chromatic harmony.


Most bathrooms are not big and light enough and some do not have  windows. But don’t worry, you can “fix” this by placing light coloured tiled laminate flooring. On the other hand, if your main priority is warmth you may want to use red or dark tones.


tile laminate flooring for bathroom and kitchenTo make it feel bigger remember again to use light colours, and floorboard. Furthermore the planks have to be facing the incoming light. If your bathroom is small, use light shaded flooring, and dark or contrasted furniture. Colour is relevant to how the room feels in terms of size.


Remember to choose a specific laminate flooring for wet areas. They are antiskid and antibacterial for obvious reasons. Almost as important is that they are more reinforced on their clips which prevents moisture drops from passing down and damaging the flooring or any other structural part of your home.


Be ahead of anything you’ve seen before and try new colour combinations! And share them with us!