Cleaning your laminate flooring, it is easy!

Once a new laminated floor has been installed, many people will ask themselves how to make that brand new shiny look last a lifetime.

You will need to know how to clean it properly! It is really easy, but in this post we will offer tips on how to achieve perfect results, and how to make your laminate floor last longer, and in pristine condition!

We will talk about common cleaning, and taking care of accidents!

Let’s go step by step.

1- The first thing to do is remove any dust build up. This can be done with either a soft brush broom or a vacuum cleaner. If you choose a vacuum cleaner, remember to use it on brush mode!!

Clean your laminate flooring easily

Clean your laminate flooring easily

2- It is useful to use a mop to remove any remaining dust. This will make our laminate floor shine as if it had been laid yesterday! How often do you need to do this? Well, it depends on the general usage of the room, and how cleaning obsessed you are!

Mopping a kitchen floor about once or twice a week will keep it looking fresh!

If you have a ‘little accident’…

3- A little accident is easily taken care of! – Simply use warm water to wipe area. This will work for all common spillages; fizzy drinks, wine, food… anything like that! The reason to use warm water instead of cold or boiling, is that warm water will evaporate without going through the external layer of the laminate flooring. Cold water would need to be wiped dry, and boiling would be too hot too handle!

You can use soap in these situations, but not too often! About twice a month would be okay.

“Bigger accidents”

4- First of all, what is a “big accident”? You could spill almost anything onto a laminate floor and only have to wipe it clean, as above. This is because laminate flooring has a protective outer layer, which acts like an invisible shield. If treated right away, you could spill anything onto this protective layer, and only have to wipe it clean. Even paint!

Clean your laminated floor

Clean your laminated floor

A “big accident” is a case where a spillage has been given the chance to permeate through the protective outer layer of a laminate floor, or to dry onto the surface.In cases where a common spillage has been given the chance to dry onto the protective outer layer, simply wipe the area a ‘little more’ than usual with warm soapy water. This will gently break down the dried on substance, and reveal a pristine laminate floor underneath!

In cases where a substance has permeated the outer layer, a more abrasive cleaning substance will take care of the job. You could use acetone or any other specific commercial product to wipe stains out of flooring.

But don’t forget about your trusty damp cloth! You will need it to remove the remains of the cleaning product used.

If you follow this advice, your laminate floor will remain sparkling and clean for many, many years!

The following is a list of tips and answers to customer FAQ’s that we think you’ll find useful!

  • When using a mop or a vacuum cleaner, make sure you do so in the same direction of the laminate flooring. Doing this, you pick up anything that might otherwise remain lodged in the joins.
  • When using a vacuum cleaner, make sure it is on brush mode!
  • If a liquid accident takes place, clean it immediately. Not doing this just makes more work for yourself!
  • To clean blackened joins, use a cloth and an alcohol!
  • Avoid using wax too often.
  • It is always good to follow the seller instructions, and check if they sell any specific product to clean the flooring they make.

Do you have any other specific problem when cleaning? Use the comments!