Stepping onto a real wood floor is fantastic, but sadly it is not affordable for everyone. However, laminate flooring is a cheap alternative and the final results could make you change your mind about DIY. DIY can save you a lot of money and the process of doing things yourself can make you really fall in love with your home.

We all love natural wood floors, but we also know it is not affordable. It is expensive and it needs as much attention as a little baby. So… Is it worth?

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We think not! The price difference between laminate and real wood floor is so high that you could literally refurbish your whole house several times instead of paying for real wood flooring just once throughout your home.

cheap laminate flooring on ebayPlus, you can get laminate flooring even cheaper when you buy from second hand sources. When people sell this kind of cheap laminate flooring it is because it can be sold. In other words, it can be reused. It is not new, it will have obvious cosmetic wear, but it can still be used again.

Imagine you want to place laminate flooring in a bedroom where kids play all day. You can save a lot of money if you buy your laminate flooring second hand, especially if you know it will be replaced again when the kids have grown up (yes, we know sometimes they never do).

Or if you are starting a business, a pub for example, you may need to save money in the early stages. It can be a good idea to buy the cheapest laminate flooring you can, especially if there is not going to be much light on it anyway.

Cheap Laminate flooring on 2nd hand websites

cheap laminate flooring on gumtreeSo, going back to the second hand sources where you can buy cheap laminate flooring… You probably already know eBay, the site where anyone, company or personal, can sell anything. Of course, there is room for DIY projects and materials too. You just need to check the reputation of the seller, and read descriptions carefully. Maybe you are weary to send money to someone you don’t know, but you and your money will always be protected in case anything goes wrong.

There are some other second hand websites like Gumtree, where it is highly recommended to filter the search to a nearby seller since there is no buyers protection of any type. The advantage of this kind of transaction is that you can see and touch what you buy before paying for it because you have to collect it yourself from the seller, or arrange for them to meet you somewhere.

Cheap laminate flooring on sales

cheap laminate flooring on offerThe third choice of buying cheap laminate flooring is to look for the sales or offers of laminate flooring manufacturers or resellers. You will get new and cheap laminate flooring.

This is probably your best choice for saving money when getting brand new laminate flooring. Remember that anything too cheap, could make you spend more later…