Clean your houseWhen it’s time to clean around the house, the majority of people target obvious spots like the bathroom, the floors, the windows and the kitchen. However, there are several spots in your home that are usually forgotten; these spots can collect dust and bacteria if not cleaned regularly. Here are the areas in your home that are often overlooked.

Garbage can

Germs are icky and unsanitary, which is why you probably take the time to disinfect key areas of your home. The garbage can is the Mecca of all germ activity, but most people don’t think they have to clean or disinfect it. If you want to keep the germ population in your home under control, it’s important to disinfect your garbage can at least once a month and replace it every three months.

Washing machine

If you notice that the washing machine is leaving the majority of your clothes dirty, it needs to be cleaned. Just like the dishwasher, most people assume that the washing machine is self-cleaning. The truth is that regularly cleaning your washing machine will ensure that your clothes come out cleaner and with less germs. Luckily, cleaning a washing machine is pretty straight-forward. A simple way to remove dirt and pollen is to use sanitary wipes to clean the exterior. To clean the interior, simply add two cups of vinegar and run the machine as usual.

The Pool

If you are a pool owner, you know what a beast of a job pool cleaning can be. It is important however, to drain and thoroughly clean your pool yearly. Experts of Pool Cleaning Services Indianapolis suggest that pool owners have their pools drained and clean at least once a year to eliminate bacteria and to keep you pool in better condition for a longer period of time. Especially if a majority of your pool-users are children, you can pretty much guarantee there is a lot of bacteria that needs to be cleaned out.

Behind the fridge

Cleaning behind the refrigerator is crucial, but most people shrug it off. The problem is that overtime, the area behind your fridge can collect dust, pollen, hair, leftover food and bacteria. To clean this area, simply pull the refrigerator back and use a vacuum to pick up dust. Another spot that is usually forgotten as well is the top of the refrigerator. To keep that area squeaky clean, use disinfecting wipes to remove grime.