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Bamboo floor

No part of a home shows its age as much as the kitchen. Even if you ignore the aging styles and designs of a kitchen, appliances can’t fake their way to modernity. Over time, the wares of your kitchen will keep this room firmly rooted in the past, which can make it less of a joy to be in and less likely to win over prospective buyers.

A kitchen renovation is great, whether you’re prepping to put the home on the market or settling in for the long run.

Real estate professionals commonly point to the kitchen as the part of the house that wins over shoppers and sells houses, so it’s often worth the investment to have a kitchen that’s stocked with all the amenities of the modern day – and style points can definitely be earned. Read on for some things to keep in mind when giving your kitchen a modern makeover.


One of the hottest trends in modern flooring is installing environmentally friendly finishes. Bamboo and other hardwoods are very popular right now, and they also happen to be easy to maintain. You can even install this flooring yourself, saving on the cost of installation.

Refinished cabinets

Cabinet styles tend to change a lot over time. It isn’t hard for many home shoppers to look at a set of cabinets and determine approximately how old they are. Refinishing is a much cheaper alternative to tearing out the cabinets and installing new ones, and you can still infuse your kitchen with a modern flair. Re-staining the wood is an option, but you can also consider painting the cabinets, either with a fresh coat of the same color or with a different color that’s aligned with modern trends.


It’s hard to provide a quick treatment to old appliances. If you want to look modern, you’ll need to invest in new kitchen equipment. Today’s appliances are equipped with smart technology that can be integrated into mobile devices. You’ll also want energy efficient appliances, which will cut down on the cost of utilities. If you can’t afford to replace every piece of equipment, consider the most important ones and do what you can within your budget. Gas ranges and refrigerators are among the most coveted amenities.


A new faucet won’t cost you a fortune, but it can update the look of your kitchen while improving its functionality. You might also consider installing a deep sink, which has a modern feel and also happens to be pretty useful.


It’s normal for most countertops to show their age over time, and trends in countertop surfaces also fluctuate. If you want to make a strong impression in your kitchen, invest in high-quality countertops made of granite or tile. They come at a high cost, but they look great and last long.


Even when other features stay the same, a backsplash can change the appearance of an entire kitchen. Choose a backsplash that provides a stunning color contrast to the rest of your kitchen’s finishes and colors.

Regardless of your operating budget, there are things you can do to update your kitchen and improve its aesthetic appeal. You have the luxury of spreading these costs out over time if you’re planning to live in your home for a while, but even if you’re selling the house, every little bit helps. Infusing your home with a little youth will have a ripple effect on the entire home, improve your quality of living and the property’s sale potential.