The following blog entry has been contributed to Finsa Home by Katie Sykes. Katie is an experienced copywriter and her bragging rights include having her work published in a fashion magazine.

Putting that unique stamp on your home can be difficult and expensive. Ensuring that your personality flows through your home requires both time and research, so where should you begin?

Here, we look at ways in which your home design can become an extension of your personality without breaking your budget.

Colour Repetition

The repetition of a specific shade of colour within a property tells us a lot about the person who lives there. Approach each area of the home as an individual. Ask the question: what message am I trying to portray in this particular part of my home?

Different colours inspire different moods – that’s why hospital rooms are painted green or blue instead of red (that would be a bit intimidating, wouldn’t it?). Interior design specialists suggest that a particular colour should be replicated three or four times to ensure that your design scheme is prominent and doesn’t fall into the background. This colour can come in many forms, from cushions and curtains to lush throws or even painted walls. This form of interior consistency will give an impression of elegance and design knowledge.

A Taste For Art

You don’t have to be an expert in all things artistic to take advantage of low-cost art. Having images placed tactfully across your home will demonstrate an element of class and sophistication that is always fashionable. Popular reprints of famous designs can be picked up across the Internet and on the high street at very low prices. The need to match artwork to your existing colour scheme should help you to choose the best pieces for your home.


Adding one or two centrepieces to a room can really bring a particular area to life, and the best thing about such features is that they can often be found at a relatively cheap price. However, finding such an item, whether it’s an ornamental decorative piece or a rustic antique table, may take time and patience. Be prepared to search car boot sales and ‘freecycling’ sites. It may even be the case that these items require restoration. Again, this is time consuming but at least provides a unique way of making a particular room stand out from the crowd.

Work With What You’ve Got

Many are guilty of simply throwing away an item which is judged to be past its best and which no longer fits in with trends. Quite frankly, this is wasteful and will end up costing you a great deal in the long term. For instance, when restyling your living room, don’t replace the tired-looking carpet, but instead spruce up the one you currently have. Carpet cleaner hire will save you time and money which can be dedicated to other areas of your property. The same applies to kitchen fittings. In the majority of cases, kitchen drawers and cupboards are perfectly sound structurally, and so it’s just a case of replacing existing exterior front panels for ones that fit with your new tastes

It’s important to remember that to achieve your perfect home will take time and effort. Ideally, this should be a project that you will be able to commit to. By carefully considering each decision, you can be utterly certain that you’ve got it right.