Smart homeTurning a home into a “smart home” does not need to be an expensive or time-consuming task.

There are now more products and services than ever that allow homeowners to dive right in and bring their home into the digital age. Here is a look at just five of the most inexpensive tips, tricks and products that can be used to give any home a makeover.

Keyless Doorways

Keyless doorways have been a mainstay in a number of and commercial and private buildings, but they do come with some drawbacks. Most have required immediate access to the door or the carrying of extra keys and sensors, but modern keyless doorways use one’s wireless internet to lock, unlock, or check on their doors on their mobile devices.

Streaming Entertainment

The many limitations of live television are becoming more apparent as advanced streaming technology is finding its way into millions of homes. These small devices wirelessly connect to the internet and can access almost any online streaming service for no additional subscription fees.

“Smart” Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances have always been a rather large investment, but modern devices could make this investment back in as little as a few months. From Energy Star compliant appliances to high-efficiency stove burners, when it comes to saving on energy bills, the kitchen should be the first place to look.

Wireless Home Automation

Complete home automation carried out by a Eureka home security system specialist can reduce homeowners insurance, reduce energy bills, and make a family feel safer. After the installation of Vivint in Murfreesboro TN (US), owners can control their doors, lights, security, and even their climate control from their smartphones anywhere in the world.

Integrated Lighting Systems

Energy Star, high-efficiency light bulbs are a must for any building, but these lights can now affordably be connected to a number of systems in order to improve the comfort and the cutting edge nature of a home. This includes turning on the TV or even entering a room as the lighting automatically adjusts to the preferences of the inhabitants. These lights can also be used to alternate colours to further improve the theme and unique nature of any room.

For those that are ready to breathe some new life into their home, creating a smart home is the way to go. These few tips and products are only the beginning when it comes to perfecting the safety, efficiency, and comfort of any home.