If, like me, you are sick of nosey neighbours giving you advice every time you try and do a few home improvements – or you’ve had enough of those expensive magazines that don’t actually give you any decent information and just want to sell you stuff.

Well, there’s an easier and cheaper solution out there for all your DIY and home improvement requirements.

Tear up the costly magazines and keep your door firmly locked as now you can have all the advice and information you need at your fingertips thanks to a host of material to be found online.

So whether you’re looking to liven up your lounge or clean-up in the kitchen, there’s bound to be a website – or an app – for all your design needs.

Here are the select few that you ought to have bookmarked or earmarked on the App Store.


So, you’re struggling for creative stimulation or just need a little help on a project you have undertaken? Turn to Pinterest and see what others can come up with.

Doubling as a social network site, Pinterest allows you to pin photos to virtual notice boards and share advice. And you can also follow other people who are never short of great ideas. So you won’t be short of inspiration. Simply search for an item from the home and see what comes up. Try “Kitchen Islands“, for example, and you’ll be presented with a host of different options to consider for your own home.

Snap Guidesnapguide

This “how to” guide is just the thing for the more ambitious DIY student looking for answers to those tricky home furnishing questions.

The easy-to-follow step by step instructions are just what you need if you’ve got something tricky to take on and the pictures make it all the more easy for novices (such as myself). The best thing is, the more you confident you become – you too can quickly post and share advice with others in a similar situation.

Etsy appEtsy

Rather like an online garage sale this virtual community allows traders to sell home-made crafts, artwork and pretty much anything else you can think of in a global marketplace.

The site is ideal of you require something bespoke that will fit perfectly in your living space and quite often you’ll find something here that you wouldn’t on the high street.


When it comes to your home needs check-out Gumtree. Here you’ll find all kinds of things that others have no use for that might be just what you’re looking for.

From kitchen cabinets to carpet rolls and furniture – this online treasure trove never fails to amaze and can throw up some real bargains from time-to-time.


Whether you’re just being curious or in need of some professional building advice WikiHow is one of those websites that has fast become a must-visit.

From learning how to lay paving slabs to installing your own kitchen units, there are tips and advice for anything you could image, and even some things you’d probably never considered.