Cleaning is one of those mundane tasks that we can often simply despise doing – especially when it can prove to be long, drawn-out and tedious.

Not all cleaning has to be tedious, though. You may be surprised that sometimes it can be fun. Not to mention inspiring when you stumble on a “cleaning hack” – or, in other words – a quicker way to do things with less effort required. Something that everyone can appreciate!

Here are some of the best cleaning hacks that could help keep your home spotless while saving you time to spend on things you’d much rather be doing.

1. Want to erase those scratches? Use a mild abrasive liquid to re-vitalise your dishes.

 2. Constant leaking bins driving you crazy? Use some newspaper to prevent the hassle.

3. Can’t locate a duster? Want to get in those hard to reach places? Use an old sock to do the dirty work.

4. Use a small pastry brush to dislodge those pesky crumbs from the toaster.

5. Need to clean your blender? Fill it with washing up liquid, hot water and turn on!

6. Dishes flying all over the place? Use a rubber band to keep them in place.

7. Want an easy and stress-free way to clean your microwave? Use some water, lemon and then simply wipe clean.

8. Lemon can also be handy (pardon the pun) for cleaning handles.

9. Want to avoid your cleaning sponge picking up unnecessary dirt? Use clips to keep it upright.