If your home is anything like mine, there are all kinds of cleaning products scattered around every kitchen cupboard, draw and shelf.

But what you’re probably not aware of is that there are dozens of natural cleaning agents all around you that you’ve never even considered using or aren’t even aware do just as good a job.

Here are just a few of the things you probably have in your cupboards that can be as effective as any spray, cream or polish on the market.

1. Lemons

Citrus fruits are very good at getting rid of stubborn stains due to the anti-bacterial properties they contain.

The juice of a lemon can easily remove the tough stains such as tea, coffee and even grass.

So don’t bin that favourite shirt because you’ve spilt tea on it, or those trousers that are covered in green grass stains – reach for a lemon instead.

2. Baking Soda

Not only can baking soda eliminate bad aromas in the kitchen, it is also great for getting rid of those particularly nasty spills that tend to have a whiff of their very own – such as pet pee.

Sprinkling baking soda on the mess your pet has deposited on your carpet will get rid of that unmistakable smell quickly and easily, just remember to soak up as much of the liquid as you can before applying the baking soda.

3. Salt

Salt really is the Jack of all trades when it comes to stain removal.

It can be used in solid form, as its abrasiveness is great for scrubbing and even ridding the burn marks on pots and pans.

You can even use salt to soak up liquids, such as wine, that has been spilt on carpets and rugs.

4. Grapefruit

Citrus fruits are a great cleaning product and so is salt. So imaging what they can do when you mix the two together.

Mixing grapefruit with salt creates an abrasive cleaning product those areas of your oven plagued with grime or burnt on food. Not only will it have your oven sparkling once again, the smell is pretty nice too.

5. Bananas

After eating a banana don’t even think about throwing the skin away. Instead, put it in the blender with a drop of water to create the perfect cleaning product.

Applying the banana skin and water paste to your tarnished silver items will bring them out in a lovely shine. Just leave for several moments, wipe off and then polish.

6. Beer

Should you find yourself in the unusual position of having left over beer, did you know it can actually work as a very effective cleaning agent for a number of materials such as wood and silver?

Soak a soft cloth with beer, use it to polish the jewellery, and then buff with a clean cloth.

Beer can also be used to clean wood furniture. Wipe it on with a soft cloth and follow up with a dry cloth to remove ant left over residue.

But try not to use all the beer you have in the fridge, as after all that work, you’ll want to pour yourself a cold one.

7. Mayonnaise

If you have water marks on wood surfaces that you’ve given up on, don’t despair. Reach for a jar of mayo.

Yes, that’s right, mayonnaise.

A small dollop of the sauce applied with a damp cloth will get to work after just a few minutes. Then gently wipe away any excess and buff  to a shine with a soft, dry cloth.

8. Almonds

Not as nutty a solution as it might sound, as using an almonds really can help repair small scratches in wood and furniture.

Take an almond and rub it along the scratch before running your finger along the area to warm up the nut’s oil and help it soak into the wood. Then buff with a soft cloth to bring out the shine.