Some gadgets are there to make life easier, and some are there just to look cool.

And it’s fair to say that most fall into the “Look good but what’s the point,” category.

The great thing about kitchen tools is that they can do both – making your life easier while adding a real wow factor to your home.

For the sake of maybe just a few pounds, a decent gadget will make you wonder how you ever got by without them – as well as saving you time and effort.

So here are some of the most useful utensils on the market, that once you have seen them, will make you say – “Why didn’t I think of that?”

1. Source Portion Control Cap


Have you ever noticed how much sauce is left on your plate when it comes to washing up? Well ration the amount you use and save on wastage thanks to this useful cap that sits on the top of most bottles.

2. Fold-up-Flat Grater


Fold-up-Flat GraterThe grater has to be the most awkward tool in the kitchen. You can’t hang it on the wall and it’s too big to sit in a drawer. This foldable version is able to be stored flat and “popped” into shape when you need to use it.

3. Pinch-to-Pour Bowls

These easy-squeeze silicone measuring bowls allow you to mix up your ingredients and then pour just the right amount into a baking tin or pan without most of the contents ending up over your hands or the kitchen worktop.

4. Pasta Measure Device

Pasta Measure Device

Forget guessing how much pasta you need when cooking a family meal, this handy device cleverly measures out the correct amount for you. Simply turn the dial to represent the amount of diners and the machine widens or narrows to allow more pasta to fit through the gap.

5. Clip-on Pouring Spout

Clip-on Pouring Spout

Clip-on Pouring Spout

A simple and clean way to drain your vegetables or meat, this silicone kitchen tool clips onto a pot, pan or serving bowl and allows you to tip out water without losing the contents inside.

6. Handy Spoon Holder

Handy Spoon Holder

What do you do with that dripping spoon when you’re stirring sauce or gravy? How about a clip that allows you to rest your utensils right over the pot? It will keep your work area clean and your spoon from submerging into the pot and you having to fish it out.

7. Dip Clips

Dip Clips

Clip these mini side bowls on to just about any plate or bowl and use them for dressings, dips, salsa, or guacamole. Whatever you don’t use can be put in the fridge and used again or shared with others around the table.

8. No-More-Soggy Cereal Bowl

No-More-Soggy Cereal Bowl


You know how it goes. You pour out your cereal, add the milk, sit down to eat your breakfast and then your phone goes off – meaning your morning flakes are more soggy and slimy than snap crackle and pop. This unique bowl means you can keep cereal and milk separate, allowing your morning snack to remain fresh and crunchy at all times.