Time is everything when it comes to the kitchen.

Seconds can be the difference between sensational and sub-standard; while minutes can transform the magnificent into something a little more mediocre.

This is where we need some of those inventions that not only make our lives easier, but save some of that ever-so-important time.

Thankfully help is on hand in the form of a number of time saving kitchen devices that are designed specifically to ensure you have a few extra moments to concentrate on your culinary creations.

Here are five of the most impressive, as well as useful, time saving kitchen devices on the market today.

1. Handy Herb Grinder

Herb grinder

Forget spending hours dicing and chopping fresh herbs before your meal. Effortlessly cut fresh herbs to add to dishes as you need them with this grinder that works rather like a pepper mill.

2. Easy Egg Yolker

Easy Egg Yolker

This ingenious device makes separating an egg yolk from the white a breeze. Working like a pipette, the yolk is drawn up into the plastic base, while the egg white is left behind – simple.

3. Mass Pancake Maker

Mass Pancake Maker

Make stacks in seconds and never have your crepes go cold again with this device which enables you to cook up to six pancakes in one go.

4. Pasta Portions Pan


For the fussy eaters in your family here’s a simple device that enables you to cook several different pastas at once without the need for boiling a new pan of water every time.

5. Simple Salad Scoop

Salad Scoop

Don’t spend valuable time trying to dish out the sald with a poon and fork while your main dish goes cold. Save time and your sanity with this easy-to-use grab and go salad scoop.