If there’s one thing about the home that we all tend to have a problem with it’s space.

Somehow, some way, there’s never enough space. All that clutter; shoes, clothes, pots, pans, the kids’ toys, you name it, it’s likely to be lying around and disturbing the otherwise spotless appearance of a room.

That’s why many people are now paying attention to what they call “space saving hacks“. These clever ideas, storage solutions or just pieces of common sense can go a long way to making your home a greater place to live.

And you know what they say. Tidy room, tidy mind.

So, without further deliberation, here are some of our favourite space saving hacks.

1. Storage drawers in the stairs

2. Or perhaps use underneath the stairs as a book-come-magazine shelving area

3. How about making use of an area underneath a television – rather than just a run-of-the-mill TV stand?

4 . Require extra furniture for when guests may turn up? Consider invest in this unique storage area – complete with colourful table and chairs

5. A coffee table that doubles up as a comfy seating area

6. Or even a seating area that turns into a decorative piece of furniture?

7. Too many shoes lying about? Store them under the bed!

8. Have an unhealthy collection of scarves? Use this clever solution to hang them on one hanger

9. Can’t find anywhere to stick the ironing board? How about here?

10. Space on short supply in the bathroom? Get your sink built into the toilet!

11. Got too many mugs that your cupboard can handle? Hang them up

12. Alternatively, use under-shelves

13. Always finding pan lids clunking around in the cupboard? Use a towel rack to keep them sturdy